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The Walking Dead Novel – Jay Bonansinga Interviewed By Greg Baldino With Audio Book Excerpt

Greg Baldino writes for Bleeding Cool How do you follow up on someone else’s masterwork? It’s one of the cornerstones of fan-culture: What would YOU have done? What do YOU think happened next? It’s all well and good as fan-fic or a speculative essay, can in fact be quite thought provoking. But what’s it like… Read more »

Greg Baldino Rummages Through The Top Shelf Comix Sale

Greg Baldino writes for Bleeding Cool Top Shelf Comix, one of the finer upscale American publishers who remind us that comics ARE an artform, damn it, and not just a breeding ground for movie pitches and action figures (Although okay, I would buy figures of any of Colleen Coover’s characters,) is having a massive sale… Read more »

REVIEW: JN Williamson’s Illustrated Masques by Greg Baldino

Greg Baldino writes for Bleeding Cool; Anthologies are the foundation stone of comics. So many characters and creators got their starts in 8 page tales of wonder, fear, and imagination; that to imagine a comics history without Action Comics, Zap Comix, 2000AD, Taboo, or PEP -not to mention the mammoth manga collections- is impossible. The… Read more »

Drawing Words And Writing Pictures – A Review by Greg Baldino

Greg Baldino writes for Bleeding Cool. In many ways, it’s an ideal time to be an aspiring comics creator. Between bookstores, newsstands, the internet, and the direct market there’s a wider audience than ever before. The trade press gives an up-and-comer vast information on other creators and industry news. Perhaps most important, there are numerous… Read more »

Video: Greg Baldino Hanging With Ben Templesmith At Wizard World Chicago Comic Con

Greg Baldino writes for Bleeding Cool I get asked on occasion why I still go and cover Wizard World Chicago. It’s not quite the event it once was, lacking any major publisher presence from the big guns. (Avatar Press maintains a presence; in the gun metaphor they’re one of those sexy-deadly numbers that get tucked… Read more »

Yes Is More – Comics And Architecture from Greg Baldino

Greg Baldino writes for Bleeding Cool; There are numerous parallels between architecture and comic books. Both are design mediums that are dependent on structure. Both have to work within constraints and needs physical and intellectual– architecture is bound by the laws of physics as well as civic codes and culture, comics are constrained by the… Read more »

American Gods Tenth Anniversary Edition – Review By Greg Baldino

Greg Baldino writes for Bleeding Cool You’ve just been released for prison to find your wife and best friend dead in a car crash. There is nothing for you now, but to see the love of your life lowered into the ground and buried. Nothing works anymore, even your direct flight to Indiana gets rerouted… Read more »

Alan Moore: Storyteller – Review By Greg Baldino

Greg Baldino writes for Bleeding Cool. Alan Moore upsets people. Emotionally, it’s usually their own choice. People get upset that his work in the 1980s made comics “dark,” “serious,” and “not fun anymore.” There are comics readers who find him pretentious, arrogant, and boisterous; elevating an entertainment form onto an artistic pedestal at the expense… Read more »

Constructing Green Lantern Reviewed By Greg Baldino

Greg Baldino writes for Bleeding Cool. As the Green Lantern movie approaches this summer, Hal Jordan isn’t the only one building incredible things out of light. Constructing Green Lantern: From Page To Screen, by Ozzy Inguanzo, is a 208 page behind-the-scenes look at the development of the emerald policeman’s first foray to the big screen…. Read more »

Gingerbread Girl, Interrupted – Greg Baldino Talks With Colleen Coover And Paul Tobin, Part Two

Greg Baldino writes for Bleeding Cool Continued from Part One Greg:What comic book influences inspired the work on Gingerbread Girl? Paul: I think a lot of Colleen’s art stems from the teen humor comics of the 1960s, and from lots of other sources as well. Myself… yeah… I think so… I love the hectic pacing… Read more »

Greg Baldino Wraps Up C2E2

Greg Baldino has been writing for Bleeding Cool for a year today. There’s always lots to be covered at any con, and sometimes bits fall through the cracks. Thankfully there’s always the wrap-up column to piece it all together and solve the mystery. Or something. Long weekend, sorry. Ben Templesmith, the best-dressed cephalopod enthusiast was… Read more »

My Old China – Miéville At C2E2 by Greg Baldino

“I know how it goes even with a book you like,” says author China Miéville before reading from his forthcoming book Embassytown, “six minutes in and you’re gone.  So I’ll keep this short.” Not that anyone in the crowd would have objected, as the room was filled with about eighty or so* fans of the… Read more »

C2E2 Artists’ Alley Part Two by Greg Baldino and Samantha LaFountain

Samantha LaFountain  and Greg Baldino write for Bleeding Cool Want to know about an independent comic publishing company and studio, compiled of all Chicago based creators and is full of completely unique and over the board comics? Check out Four Star Comics booth, located in the Web Comics Pavillion (WC07), and you’ll find amazing artwork… Read more »