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Full DC Solicitations For May 2013. Apart From Green Lantern And Edge...

Thanks to Comic Book Resources, IGN, Newsarama, Comic Vine, MTV, Comics Alliance and iFanboy, here’s the DC Solicitations for May 2013. Except… there’s none of the Green Lantern group solicitations. And why? I don’t know. But someone thinks I should… something they don’t want to announce before the DC Creative Summit? So nobody speculating on… Read more »

It’s Not Easy Being A Green Lantern Reader

Before the DC Relaunch… all the Green Lantern issues are getting a little reshuffle, creatively. Here’s a look at some the way they were… and the way they are now. Then: Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #12 Written by PETER J. TOMASI; Art by FERNANDO PASARIN and CAM SMITH; Cover by FELIPE MASSAFERA; 1:10 Variant cover… Read more »

DC Relaunch: Four Green Lantern #1 Comics In September

On the Source blog and in an interview with Associated Press, DC have announced four ongoing Green Lantern #1 books to start in September. They include the multi-colour lantern Tyler Kirkham book that Bleeding Cool reported previously. Green Lantern #1 by Geoff Johns, Doug Mahnke and Christian Alamy. Green Lantern Corps #1 starring  Guy Gardner,… Read more »

DC Relaunch: A New Multi-Colour Lantern Team Book

In September, Bleeding Cool has been told to expect a new Green Lantern team book, made up of one member from each of the differing Lantern emotional colour spectrum. Green, Yellow, Red, Blue, Indigo, Violet, Orange…. and Black? Care Bear Stares each and every month! And some kind of Tyler Kirkham involvement. Bleeding Cool has… Read more »

Wednesday Comics Review: Green Lantern 65 And Green Lantern Corps 59

Comics supplied by Holy Goat Comics of Kingston Upon Thames, London. Pop by and say hello. Never has war looked quite like a string of fairylights. DC to have the habit, it seems, of issuing both of these books in the same week, giving the reader double the punch of the same story, told by… Read more »

Ch-Ch-Changes - Deadpool #250 To The Final Issue Of The New 52

A look at a few changes ‘twixt solicitations and publication from the Big Two for this week and weeks to come… Deadpool #45/#250 was solicited as written by Gerry Duggan, Brian Posehn, Ben Acker, Ben Blacker, Nick Giovanetti, Paul Scheer, Jason Mantzoukas, Mike Drucker and more. That more will be Scott Aukerman. It was also solicited with… Read more »

Frankensteining DC Comics' Solicitations For May 2015 Together (UPDATE)

Thanks to, Blastr, ComicVine, CBR, Hitfix, IGN, Nerdist, Newsarama, Gamma Squad and Topless Robot… what do we have? Rev up the oscillator! Raise the conducting pole! Attach the bolts! It lives! It lives! DC solicitations for May 2015…. Note the repeated line about “This extra-sized issue includes a sneak peek at what’s coming up in the… Read more »

Ch-Ch-Changes - Tim Truman On Thor And More

Welcome to another edition of this irregular column, noting changes between solicitation and publication in comic books, mostly with Marvel and DC… All New X-Men #37 will have interior art by Michael Del Mundo, not the previously solicited Mahmud Asrar. Michael Golden‘s Darth Vader variant cover continues to slip, first replaced by Whilce Portacio for issue 1… Read more »

DC Comics Solicitations For April 2015 - With Nicola Scott Nightwing Butt Shots...

With Gail Simone talking about the Nightwing/Oracle Convergence issue. I am writing it, of course there’s Nightwing ass! And now Nicola Scott talking about New Teen Titans… @NicolaScottArt it will be your legacy. — Rich Johnston (@richjohnston) January 15, 2015 “@richjohnston: @NicolaScottArt it will be your legacy.”- HA! I think you may be right. More… Read more »

7 Things To Note From DC Comics' Solicitations For March 2015

One. Thirteen of DC Comics’ ongoing books come to an end in March, Green Lantern Corps, Star Spangled War Stories, Infinity Man And The Forever People, Secret Origins, Red Lanterns, Swamp Thing, Aquaman And The Others, Klarion, Trinity Of Sin, Batwoman, World’s Finest, Arkham Manor, Injustice: Gods Amongst Us Year Three) as well as the weekly titles… Read more »

Ch-Ch-Changes - From Death of Wolverine To Suicide Squad (UPDATE)

A run through a few solicitation changes from Marvel and DC Comics of late, twixt solicitation and publication… including the new cover to Justice League #37, above. Futures End #33 was solicited with art from Scot Eaton but has been replaced by Stephen Thompson. Legendary Star-Lord #8 will now be drawn by Freddie E. Williams, not Paco Medina…. Read more »

Ch-Ch-Changes - More Movement From DC Comics Solicitations Through October And November

Bleeding Cool likes to try and collate the changes between solicitation and publication from the Big Two. On the basis that someone probably should. But a few always slip through the gap. So in addition to these collections of solicitation ch-ch-changes, here are some more from the past month from DC Comics – who specialise… Read more »

Ch-Ch-Changes For Marvel Now, And DC Comics For All Of 2014 (UPDATE)

Not too many credit changes to report this week, as opposed to last week’s monster list. Just that Avengers #37 will be drawn by Mike Deodato, not Stefano Caselli. That X-Force #11 will be drawn by Rock-He Kim, not Tan Eng Huat. And Jordie Bellaire is no longer the colourist for Batgirl #35 as announced, replaced by Maris Wicks…. Read more »