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What Does Today Mean For Superman And Wonder Woman? Or Lois Lane?

I first mentioned that Superman and Wonder Woman would become a couple in the DC Universe for real, back in May 2011. A year and a bit later, it came to pass. In the New 52 of the DC Universe, Clark and Lois were never a couple. And recently, DC Comics did this to drive… Read more »

The Future Of Lois Lane, From Futures End

Today’s Superman/Wonder Woman sees Diana Pricne visit the offices of, the blogging site of Clark Kent and Cat Grant, which seems to have an upgrade after they ran the scoop of Wonder Woman and Superman’s relationship. Hmm, you know what I realised, I actually ran the scoop of Wonder Woman and Superman’s relationship back… Read more »

Zatanna’s New Costume: The Classic Fishnet Tights Return (But No Top Hat, Apparently)

Way back in June 2011, as news and info of the New 52 was just emerging, one of the interesting aspects of it that Bleeding Cool reported was an editorial “pants policy” for female characters, which seemed to require somewhat more practical costumes for many. Wonder Woman was initially given pants and then quickly had… Read more »

Thursday Trending Topics: The Return Of Wonder Woman’s Pants

2011 was a banner year for the discussion of Wonder Woman’s pants.  First there was intense discussion and fan photoshopping over how they should look in reaction to the photo of Adrianne Palicki in costume.  Then there was that twitpic photo of Palicki in the booty-shorts version of costume which set off a whole new… Read more »

Wednesday Trending Topics: Superman, Wonder Woman

A turn of events we’ve been anticipating for quite some time: This is no one-issue stunt: “This is the new status quo,” says Johns, adding that the relationship will have a seismic impact on all the heroes and villains in the DC universe. The forum reacts. Most-Read Comic Stories Today: Big Massive Retcon Spoilers For Today’s… Read more »

The 12th Annual Rumour Awards: Scoop Of The Year

So what were the bigger scoops that Bleeding Cool managed to grab this year? There certainly seem to have been a lot to pore through. Here are a few favourites, We said that Jonathan Ross and Bryan Hitch would be creating a comic for 2012. More on that to come. It wasn’t a scoop as… Read more »

The New 52 Set To Rock Marketshare: Justice League #1 Over 200,000 Copies, Six Other Relaunch Books Over 100,000

A big piece of news just dropped in this Hero Complex piece about the DC relaunch. We knew the New 52 would have some big numbers, but the question was just how big, with so many titles launching at once — and of course, subsequently the question will become how much of it can be sustained…. Read more »

Lois Lane, Rubbing Her New Boyfriend In Superman’s Face

When Bleeding Cool first reported the rumoured dissolution of the Lois Lane/Clark Kent marriage a few months ago, there was widespread derision. And even we couldn’t quite believe the aspect that Superman may be hooking up with Wonder Woman as  result. Well, the first show has properly dropped, and it’s now been announced that Lois… Read more »

Wednesday Trending Topics: Wonder Woman Without Pants

It’s been a banner year for discussion about Wonder Woman‘s pants.  First there was intense discussion and fan photoshopping over how they should look in reaction to the photo of Adrianne Palicki in costume.  Then there was that twitpic photo of Palicki in the booty-shorts version of costume which set off a whole new round… Read more »

Sunday Trending Topics: The Justice League Tumbles Into The Open

Today is a perfect example of why I’m loving the build-up to the new DC: it’s the wonderfully unprogrammed way the information has unspooled out onto the internet. You never know when some new tidbit is going to surface in some corner of the world. Often in this corner, and sometimes in some unexpected place… Read more »

Saturday Runaround – “Why Didn’t They Give That Money To Africa?”

ConWatch: Glasgow Comic Con, starting tomorrow, gets some local BBC TV time, with Frank Quitely and Alan Grant. MarriageWatch: The Guardian reports on the Lois/Clark marriage dissolution. One site,, speculated that divorce could even lead to a romance between Superman and Wonder Woman. AwardWatch: Bob Haney and Del Connell have been selected to receive… Read more »

Dan DiDio Confirms End Of Lois/Clark Marriage

A month or two before the DC Relaunch was announced, Bleeding Cool started to hear news that the marriage of Lois Lane and Clark Kent was to be dissolved, and a relationship between Wonder Woman and Superman was on the cards. As the relaunch news date approached, we heard further collaboration, but it was only… Read more »

Jim Lee And Geoff Johns Talk DC Relaunch On Stage In LA

Jim Lee and Geoff Johns just took the stage to talk about the DC Comics relaunch as part of the LA Times’ Hero Complex Film Festival.  There were lots of rumors flying about this event earlier tonite, which I think mirrors the incredible level of interest in what they’re attempting to accomplish here. I’m watching Twitter… Read more »

DC Relaunch: George Perez Issues Clarification On His Involvement In Superman: The Man Of Tomorrow

George Perez has just released an update regarding his involvement in Superman: The Man Of Tomorrow via his facebook page. Since I’m not going to be doing any interviews regarding the SUPERMAN reboot (not wishing to inadvertently spill any plot beans) I just want to give you all the skinny on what exactly I’m doing… Read more »

DC Relaunch: Grant Morrison And Rags Morales On Action Comics 1

DC Comics have just confirmed to the LA Times Hero Complex blog that Grant Morrison and Rags Morales as the creative team on September’s relaunch of Action Comics. But, in a move that is either audacious or desperate — or a bit of both – DC Comics is making a break, at least in numbering,… Read more »

DC Relaunch: A Brand New Look For Superman, Supergirl And Superboy (UPDATE)

UPDATE: The full Superman news has been confirmed and corrected right here. This is the George Pérez cover to Superman #1 that DC will be announcing tomorrow. Bleeding Cool believes that George will be writing and drawing the book. This appears to show in full for the first time new look for Superman and it… Read more »

DC Relaunch: Wildstorm, Westerns And War

DC Comics appear to have run out of news organisations to give their new relaunch comics to. So they just decided to do it themselves this time. Expect Superman books news tomorrow. So we get the return of Stormwatch #1, the Wildstorm title that preceded The Authority, with Jack Hawksmoor, Midnighter, Apollo and Martian Manhunter…. Read more »