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Talking To Khandie Khisses About Alan Moore And Mitch Jenkins’ Show Pieces

Khandie Khisses talked to Bleeding Cool about her role in Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins’ Show Pieces, Khandie Khisses is many things. Veteran soldier, burlesque dancer, stand up comedian, occasional contributor to Bleeding Cool – and actor in Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins’ Show Pieces, recently showing at London’s FrightFest. We bumped into each other… Read more »

Bleeding Cool Challenge: Redesign Khandie Khisses

Last week’s Bleeding Cool Challenge, creating the as-yet-unseen second half of the DC gatefold covers in April was a big hit. So obviously we were going to try it again. Khandie Khisses is a British burlesque dancer, ex-Royal Air Forces, whe was picked by Alan Moore to perform at his fiftieth birthday celebrations, then she… Read more »

Khandie Khisses’ Khonvention Khapers

Khandie Khisses writes for Bleeding Cool; I am not a comic geek…that’s my line I like to spout when my friends question my attendance at yet another convention. Truth be told I am. It’s like my dirty secret. Some people have affairs as their secret….I have comics. I am by no means an obsessed fan… Read more »

People Wake Up To… The British General Election

In Britain, the General Election is underway. Everyone gets to vote on for a local Member of Parliament, and then whichever party can form a majority of MPs gets to form the government. Except with the latest polls giving Labour and Conservative parties 34.1% each and the vote not concentrated enough thanks to the efforts… Read more »

So Black Friday Hit The UK Today…

Courtesy of Happy Toast…. We don’t have a Thanksgiving. We don’t share a border with a country that does, necessitating that we start our own. But we do like to join in, even if some remain mystified. Everything that’s wrong with humanity: BBC News – #BlackFriday : Police called to supermarket crowds #ConsumeOrDie —… Read more »

Alan Moore To Launch New Computer Game And Energy Drink- Welcome To The Kickstarter Premiere Q&A Of Show Pieces

Today, in Leicester Square, London, we have had the FrightFest premiere at Vue Cinema of three of Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins‘ short films linked together as Show Pieces. You can pre-order your copy here if you want. But before that, Kickstarter backers of the third of those short films (including me) were given a… Read more »

EXCLUSIVE: The Trailer For Alan Moore And Mitch Jenkins’ His Heavy Heart

It’s the final, Kickstarter-funded, film in Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins‘ series of short films, collectively known as Show Pieces, that will lead to further appearances of this alternate Northampton, known as The Show. Here is your first look at His Heavy Heart, starring Darrel D’Silva, Andrew Buckley and Khandie Khisses, for the readers of Bleeding… Read more »

Alan Moore Talks About His Heavy Heart On Video – With Show Pieces Now For Sale

Alan Moore has talked about his upcoming Kickstartered film His Heavy Heart on Nowness. Nicely times to coincide with the release of the box set of Show Pieces, the first five short films written and co-starring Moore and directed by Mitch Jenkins, that begin The Show. The collection cost £35 or £50 signed (limited to 200)… Read more »

All The World Really Is A Stage In The Show – On Set With Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins’ His Heavy Heart

It’s a very unusual experience to be a viewer of a film project, from a distance, and to write about it, and then suddenly find myself dropped into the midst of the completion of the project and see it happening in real time. To see the actors in costume and make up, the cords and… Read more »

Casting And Images From The Set of Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins’ His Heavy Heart

As we followed closely here at Bleeding Cool, Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins Kickstarted the final installment of their short film series entitled His Heavy Heart and made their goal by quite a margin, and plenty of Bleeding Coolers turned out to help the film on its way. As a group, the five short film… Read more »

“The Difference Between Writing For Screen And Writing For Comics” – Alan Moore Talks To Adi Tantimedh About His Kickstarter Campaign – Look! It Moves!

Warning: contains minor spoilers. Every time a new Alan Moore project is announced, it’s a big deal. The Kickstarter campaign for His Heavy Heart, the last chapter in the Jimmy’s End Cycle should be especially a big deal because it would complete the first feature length movie to be made with an original screenplay he… Read more »

Bleeding Cool Challenge – DC Gatefold Covers – The Entries

If you recall, this was mine… One for the first entries was from new Nightwing artist Brett Booth himself Crimson Squire also found inspiration from the same cover. I’m wondering if that cover might reintroduce Two Face? Anyway, more Bats from ShadowMax From Chrise17 From Teenagefansub From uncaringmachine From CaptObuse From Tako From Brandon ZK… Read more »

Alan Moore To Create A Social Network?

Tomorrow’s Observer newspaper will feature a sprawling interview and feature with Alan Moore. In which we learn about his great-grandfather, Ginger Vernon, who “used to trade caricatures for pints in the pub.” He hates being coerced, whatever the financial incentive, and it may well be something in the blood. His great-grandfather Ginger, the hard-drinking cartoonist,… Read more »

First Storyboard Frame From Alan Moore’s New Film – And More

One frame from the storyboard for Jimmy’s End, Mitch Jenkins‘ new film written by Alan Moore. Photographer Mitch Jenkins has been working on a number of projects with Moore. I first mentioned his graphic novel adaptation of Alan Moore’s graphic novelle Unearthing about the life of Steve Moore, three years ago. Here’s a pic from… Read more »