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Heather Kenealy And Stephen Green Win The MTV Stan Lee Seekers Competition

Heather Kenealy, the Marvel zombie comic shop clerk who has been running reviews of the DC Relaunch first month on Bleeding Cool has won the competition to find a new writer for Stan Lee’s The Seekers comic from MTV. And we couldn’t be more proud! Her work will be published and she’ll earn a very… Read more »

DC Through The Eyes Of A Marvel Zombie: Bats, Cats And Chicks by Heather Kenealy

Heather Kenealy is a Marvel Zombie. She’s putting herself through the task of reading the DC relaunch in its entirety, a comic universe of which she is only vaguely familiar… Hey, light week this time. Only twelve books! So let’s jump in with a book that people are so excited for that we had to… Read more »

When Tom Akel Created Stan Lee Ringtones – Seekers, JMS, September Mourning, 1000 and Teen Wolf At MTV At WonderCon

Evic Oropilla writes from Wondercon; The MTV Geek panel was composed of Tom Akel, Marc Silvestri, Emily Lazar and Bleeding Cool’s own Heather Kenealy. The panel started off talking about The Seekers. Tom went over the history of how The Seekers started out as a contest to find a new artist and writer that had… Read more »

WonderCon Programming – Just The Comics

Some people complain that there’s just too much movies, TV, toys, games, cartoons and cosplay at comic conventions., And not enough of the comics. Well, just to prove that wrong, here’s the programming schedule for WonderCon from March 16th to the 18th, with all the non-comics programming removed. And it’s stil massive. What will you… Read more »

Wednesday Runaround – “Patches Covering Her Breasts And Bottom And Action Scenes…”

Barnbes&NobleWatch: The New York Times weighs in; “This fight between Amazon and Barnes & Noble is like the tide or a storm or an earthquake,” said Jack Rems, owner of the Escapist Comic Bookstore in Berkeley, Calif. “Nothing I can do about it.” Well, there is one thing. Escapist is offering 20 percent off all… Read more »

Lying In The Gutters – 17th December 2011

Home from New York Comic Con, watching Stephen Fry on the TV, it’s good to be back in Blighty. And the weekly cycle starts again. Apologies for the late Lying In The Gutters, hope it brings you up to speed… Top Twenty Traffic Posts Of The Week 1. Gail Simone Quites Firestorm 2. The All-New,… Read more »

Saturday Trending Topics: Debugging The DCU

Every Microsoft Windows user in the world knows how this goes… each big, shiny, new update is inevitably followed by a number of smaller, regularly-issued bug fixes. These things are mindbogglingly complex, and big relaunches always have consequences that go unnoticed until you get the thing out there into the world and people start actually… Read more »

Lying In The Gutters – 26th September 2011

Looks like Starfire hasn’t really changed in all these years… Top Ten Traffic Posts Of The Week 1. Spoiling The Ending Of Catwoman #1 2. Liam Neeson Fighting Wolves With Gloves Make From Broken Glass Bottles 3. Behind The Scenes On Starfire And Red Hood And The Outlaws 4. No More Mutants: 52 Problems 5…. Read more »

DC Through The Eyes Of A Marvel Zombie: Week Two

Heather Kenealy, a self-confessed Marvel zombie reviews the DC Newniverse title from her rather rarefied point of view… All right, Friends, Enemies, and Frenemies, I’m back, like or not with more of my trial by fire immersion into this new and supposedly improved DCU! So far, I can count the titles I’ll be keeping up with on… Read more »

Saturday Trending Topics: Understanding (DC) Comics

Love it or hate it, the beautiful thing about Heather Kenealy’s post is how much discussion it provoked. I even saw some [meta] on twitter about reviewing biases and reliability in comics.  It’s sometimes easy to nod your head and move on in reaction to a review, but something about that rarefied point of view on… Read more »

DC Through The Eyes Of A Marvel Zombie: Week One

Heather Kenealy, a self-confessed Marvel zombie reviews the DC Newniverse title from her rather rarefied point of view… What a week, right? Thirteen new books to wade through! So, I’m looking at this HUGE stack of books on my desk, and I’m trying to figure out which order to read this in. “When in doubt,” my mama… Read more »

Lying In The Gutters – 5th September 2011

Eyes up, Hawkeye. This is the week that comics exploded across the media. We’ve probably seen more coverage of the DC Relaunch than anything since… Black And Not Gay Spider-Man. Certainly it’s been dominating Bleeding Cool coverage and also what you people want to read more than anything. Well, mostly anything. Expect to see a… Read more »