Are These Massive Spoilers For Civil War II? Or Just Neogaf Fan Fic? (UPDATE)

marvel10n-5-web (1)We’re still up in the air regarding these X-Men-related possible spoilers/possible made up frippery from 4chan. Well, what one message board can do, another can do better! Possibly.

Spoilers if they are true… Neogaf poster Boogie Woogie claims to have read the script for Civil War II #1 by Brian Michael Bendis. And he decided to share his conclusions with the world…

Now it could just be that they’ve read this report and have decided to fill in the gaps. But feel free to draw your own conclusions…

If nothing else, it’s a little bit of fun.

You guys have absolutely no reason to believe me, but I’ve read the script for the first issue of this. Here’s what happens (hint, it’s pretty bad)!

The guy who can see everything in the future? He’s an Inhuman named Homer. I shit you not. No code name, no Inhuman moniker, just Homer.

Homer helps the heroes beat some big bad and Captain Marvel takes the opportunity to start using Homer to solve future crimes.

OFF PANEL, both War Machine and She Hulk die fighting Thanos as Carol learned he was landing on Earth to try to get the Cosmic Cube again thanks to Homer.

Tony swears revenge on Carol for getting Rhodey killed, while Jennifer lies dying on a table, her last words urging Danvers to keep using Homer to look into the future, even though she’s, you know, dying.

Again, no reason to believe me but there you have it. Wait and see.

Of course we have been told of a big Marvel death – and both Jen Walters and James Rhodes’ relationships with Carol Danvers and Tony Stark might make this work.

UPDATE: And a little more…

Again, no reason for you to believe me on this, but heres some other tidbits:

– Stark throws a big party for all the heroes when they beat the first big monster, and the party sees Damien Hellstrom hitting on Wanda. Jessica Drew is watching this, talking with other heroes and says something to the effect of “Come on Wanda, just say it. No more Hellstroms!”

– Speaking of Jessica Drew, she’s had her kid at this point but they don’t give any details on it. Bendis seems to have a tough time keeping straight who exactly is on which team.

– Carol wants to look into the future because “the Ultimates trying to prevent future catastrophes is sort of our thing!”

– Tony explains how him being a Futurist is exactly WHY he doesn’t want to use Homer as “everything has a natural order”. This is explained through typical Bendis fashion with Tony stopping mid-sentence to tell everyone to “listen”.


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