Fanboy Rampage: Ulises Farinas Vs. Yale Stewart Over Charity Wallpapers(UPDATE)

Yale Stewart is the creator of the JL8 and Little League webcomics, featuring unofficial uses of the DC Comics characters as young children.


It was so successful, Stewart got a Harvey Award nomination and was picked up by official licensors Capstone to write and draw The Amazing Adventures of Superman children’s books featuring adult versions of the characters, including Alien Superman featuring Wonder Woman and Lex Luthor, Battle of the Superheroes featuring Batman, the Flash, and Clayface, Creatures from Planet X featuring Green Lantern and Escape from Future World featuring Brainiac and Cyborg.


Highly present on social media, Stewart has also been known to use “his” JL8 characters on charity desktop wallpapers, donations going to worthy topical causes.

ferguson_finalLEFTpreviewAnd comic creator Ulises Farinas has a problem with that. He writes,

Every fucking time there’s some big tragedy, this dude makes a wallpaper to benefit (insert charity) and it just looks like a shameless ploy at self promotion.

Instead of making a cutesy little wallpaper of DC heroes you don’t own, supporting media entities that already ignore brown people, that have news companies that spin a narrative that blames the victims of police brutality and not the aggressors, why don’t you just shutup and privately donate as much as you want to ACLU, whenever you want, and not just when #ferguson is all over twitter.

Putting two images of SPACE COPS as your “SUPPORT FERGUSON” wallpaper, and offering it for a DOLLAR, is fucking gross. And I hate that we can’t distinguish between support and capitalism.

You know the only reason the dollar is going to the ACLU, is  because the product he’s selling isn’t a wallpaper, it’s himself.

And Farinas offers his own take on Yale’s work.


So. Internet. Thoughts?

UPDATE: Ulises has added,



I got so tired of people thinking Yale Stewart was being some kinda nice guy for capitalizing on national tragedy, that i just donated a dollar for every person that liked or retweeted that garbage wallpaper i defaced.

This doesn’t make me a nice person, it means i just hate little fucks who try to get shine from other people’s bad times. If you feel like helping Ferguson, put some food in some kid’s bellies, don’t sit and wait til someone downloads your shitty wallpaper.

Also, he should show the proceeds of each of his wallpapers. If he has, please link me, i couldn’t find any proof he actually does donate the money he makes. I hope he does and he’s not that shitty of a person.

While Yale has simply tweeted,

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