Could Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD be heading toward…


If you haven’t seen last nights Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD then you may not want to read this article as it speculates on what we saw in the last few minutes of the episode.

Here’s a picture of a cute puppy while you leave…


Okay, now that it’s just us. As many of you know the mid-season finale ended with Agent Phil Coulson being kidnapped and a suped-up Mike Peterson being blown-up in front of his kid. And as last night’s A Magical Place episode began, we learn that it’s been 36 hours Coulson is still missing and no sign of Peterson’s body. Which means he was either blown to bits or his Centipede implant protected him.


Peterson is mentioned once more in the episode in reference to Raina, the woman in the flower dress… but not to his fate. That we have to wait to learn about until the very end of the episode where we find him lying in a bed in what appears to be a deserted building. His skin is scarred, his face is charred and his right leg is amputated from just above the knee. He’s not in very good shape. Then things get worse as he starts getting typed message through his eyeball like we saw in the Eye Spy episode.

Now if we combine what we see here with knowledge of the Marvel Universe… and I’m not the only one who did it as many folks were talking about it and had the same thought… add a few cybernetic bits and bobs and you are pretty close to:

deathlokCould Deathlok become part of the series? J. August Richard’s character isn’t an exact match for the comic book character, but then again there have been four different Deathlok’s so far and there could be some parallels between where Peterson is going and the Michael Collins version of the cyborg. Collins was working for Roxxon Oil and was betrayed by his partner and put into the Deathlok body that he couldn’t control and was forced to kill soldiers. Getting the messages from the eye may put Peterson in a similar situation.

If this is Deathlok, was it the plan for the character all along or is it worked in to deal with some of the complaints of the series? And who is controlling the eye? Seems like Centipede wouldn’t need to. So is it a third party at work? Maybe it’s part of SHIELD?

Maybe this is what Clark Gregg was talking about a month ago.



This would not be the first time an attempt had been made to translate Deathlok into live action. More than a few years back, director Paul McGuigan had a movie adaptation of the character in progress based on a script by David Self. In a 2010 interview McGuigan said the project was progressing too slowly and he had to bail. He had an episode of a new modern take on Sherlock to direct starring some guys named Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.

At this point it’s all just speculation. No matter what they are planning, last night’s episode got people talking about the show again and in a positive way.

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