Has The Legion Of Superheroes Been Shunted Off Into Earth 2?

So this week saw the final issue of The Legion Of Superheroes. In an epilogue, it featured this panel, with Bouncing Boy talking to Triplicate Girl.


Bleeding Cool reader Michael S. Lucart writes;

llostpanel2Unless that’s a tease for something coming up in “our” universe, that means that the Legion of the past 23 issues has been in the 31st century of Earth-2’s universe! Could that mean that, potentially, the only time we’ve seen Lightning Lad and the others were in their Morrison-Action Comics cameo appearances?

How that pertains to the whole Legion Lost stuff I have no idea. It’d be too much of a coincidence that all of the LL Legion (as well as the villains Alastor & Harvest) went back to the past and ended up in another universe. But it would also add a bit more intrigue to the fact that when they returned to the 31st century, (“our” 31st century) they found the Legion headquarters in ruins. Ironically enough Tyroc even wonders if they could’ve stumbled into a parallel universe!

Reader Wade Dove had a different theory;

Could the next major DC event be the Death Of Superman? Again?

If that isn’t a clue to the next New 52 event, it certainly fits the direction DC appears to be heading with their characters. Wonder Woman hangs out with the New Gods, now there is a Superman/Wonder Woman ongoing series.

Just let me also take a moment for the passing of the Legion. I’ve read the Legion since I would steal my big brother’s issues of Adventure Comics. Superboy and the Legion of Super Heroes was my favorite comic book during its run.

A little trivia fact is that the Bronze-Age Ma & Pa Kent died because Superboy brought back a virus from the future and accidently exposed them to it. Yes ladies and gentleman, Superman not only kills… but he committed matricide and patricide before packing his bags for the big city.

But what it the re-launch of the Legion in the New 52 never happened?

Sunboy, a teenaged Bruce Wayne-like character who got superpowers, but never stopped acting like a millionaire playboy, would still be with us. Maybe Phantom Girl is lost finding him.

Starboy was originally likeable, but lame. The multidimensional suite and medical condition in recent years, however, made him one of the most interesting, but sadly abandoned concepts. Maybe he escaped death through his own uniform.

Mon-El wouldn’t be at risk of becoming the first Handi-capable member of the Superman Family. Superman-strengthened crippled hero should be Captain Marvel Jr.’s niche.

In short there is only one last thing to say…”Long Live the Legion.”

The first theory seems to hold more water, but this could lead to a totally new Legion Of Superheroes in the New 52, couldn’t it?


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