DC Comics Superman: The New 52 Era

Ashely Piderman writes for Bleeding Cool:

Final day, what better way then spending the day listening to the Big Two. I’ve grown up being primarily a Marvel girl, but I really couldn’t hide my excitement. After all it is the 75th anniversary of the Man of Steel, even as a Marvel Girl I understand the significance of the occasion.

We were introduced to the panel starting with Jim Lee, continuing through the line with Scott Snyder, Scott Lobdell, Micheal Alan Nelson and then editor Eddie Berganza.

The panel settled in and we were shown the cover of the new Superman Unchained #4, due out in October. Scott Snyder the gave us plot points as to the plot that is contained within the book. This book ends up “owning” Superman. Giving Superman the “worst punch he has ever taken” as well as pulling Superman apart by distorting him both emotionally and psychologically.  Superman is called out, by General Lane, as being a coward because his actions are motivated by a need for public acknowledgement and love. That as Superman can be seen as a villain because he has the potential to stop so many people’s suffering, but doesn’t.


Scott Snyder “wanted to do a story that takes Superman to task in everyday” and to see the Superman get stronger because of it.

Superman Wonder Woman was next on the list of previews. The book is slated to be released in October. And we were treated to a brief description of the book as being about the difficulties of being a couple that has to save the world.


Scott L then went over his books and how he balances and used momentum in order to write. Gave no major spoilers or even hints aside from the fact that issue 25 for all story arcs will change the “Super-verse”.

We were given hints into the Superman Annual with Scott Lobdell and Dan Jurgans, that it would be primarily Lois centred, but here was a hesitant caution given as to what is done to Lois. “The good news is that she has this brilliant spot light on her and it’s going to be huge, but the bad news is what we do to her is really bad.”


Superman Action Comics Annual #2 has “an interesting sub-title which is Krypton Returns Part One“. The book references back the Zeros and the time travel story arc that was contained and it is being revisited and requires all the Supers to work together. This arc starts in the annual and then goes to Superboy, Supergirl and Superman issues 25. The book follows the events of H’el number one.

The logo for the recently announced Batman and Superman movie logo lead us to the Batman Superman book title, in which the current 52 incarnations meet their Earth Two counterparts. Promise of many fights of Batman vs. Superman and a lot of punching with heart, because “that’s what we like at DC, punching with a lot of heart.”


Supergirl was next on the discussion.  Michael Alan Nelson addressed the struggle that Supergirl has with fighting with the past and how she can be her own worst enemy. She’s realizing that she has been manipulated and is cutting her strings and notices the others being manipulated. The new cyborg Superman art was put on display with panels from the comic.

Last book discussed was Superboy. The villain Psycho Pirate is included, exploring the traditional weakness that the Supers have is when they are attacked on a psychic level over a physical level and how Conner has the ability to tap into those powers and why he has those powers.

Question period was than initiated and prizes were given (my favourite was “why doesn’t Superman smile?”).

I think I would have liked to have a bit more of a point of reference in the DC New 52 Era. I’m definitely going to start picking up Superman Unchained and probably the Batman Superman.

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