The Weekend Where Everyone Apologised To Everyone Else Over Lady Rawhide

A few weeks ago, we ran the news that Dynamite were relaunching Lady Rawhide.

A week or so later, the character’s co-creator Don McGregor found out, and wasn’t pleased. It all kicked off, rather. Mike Netzer joined in, addressing Dynamite publisher Nick Barrucci.



The cartoon at the top is offered freely to everyone to spread around and help promote the idea that we should not be silent about such behavior anymore, and that Don McGregor is owed a sincere apology from Nick Barrucci for his distasteful and abusive response to Don’s justified grievance. – Mike Netzer.

Every time I hear something about Dynamite, I’m glad I twice turned down the offers to sell and/or license the Justice Machine to the company. – Mark Ellis.

And from the man who lambasts me for not giving Don credit to not give Mike credit in the solicits for the Justice Machine 30th Anniversary HC. The 30th ANNIVERSARY book! – Nick Barrucci

Mike, Nick has my phone number. Would Nick call on Lady Rawhide? If the answer is Yes, then why, when he printed my ZORRO: MATANZAS! did Nick never give me a call, before or after. And why would I think anyone was going to contact me at all when apparently the first I know of it, covers are done, my name is conspicuously absent in interviews. And I’m jumping the gun? I’m unprpfessional? Why do the people who use the term “professional” always make me edgy? Is what they really mean, do it my way, or there will be consequences? – Don McGregor.

So what was going to happen? Internet War! And then? This.

“Don – first and foremost, I do apologize for both not stating in the press release your creating Lady Rawhide and also that my comment was a bit of venting and was rushed. It was not intended as such and I apologize. Your credit will be in the comic, and if you would like to write more Lady Rawhide, let’s talk, and if it can work for both of us, let’s do it. If not, I fully understand. And I will say this for Zorro properties, John wanted, and wants to, ensure that every appearance of Lady Rawhide you get credit and your participation for the money. He has been clear on that. I am giving you my word that he has been clear.” – Nick Barrucci.

Nick is also right about my oversight of the comment Don made: “Are Zorro Productions and Dynamite now screwing creators?”. In the heat of the affair, I honestly overlooked that statement, though I don’t think it plays a major part in Don’s original grievance which concentrated on being kept out of the loop. I sincerely apologize to Nick for the mistake. I certainly didn’t intentionally lie about it but given the gravity of Nick’s first response, I can’t say that there wasn’t a lynch mentality brewing around this. Again, sorry about the mistake and many thanks to Nick Barrucci for stepping up and doing the right thing. – Mike Netzer.

Once Don and I connected, it seems we worked things out. I apologized to him, and he apologized to me, which was not necessary, but I believe that he believes my apology to be sincere. This whole thing was blown out of proportion, and some by people who just don’t like our books and want to see us go away. It is what it is, and there’s very little that can be done, but it would have been nice to give me a chance to explain that Zorro Properties had every intent of paying Don and giving him credit. They insisted. They factored in Don’s participation in the contract. There was no reason to not mention Don. It was a mistake. One that Don has forgiven me on, but many will be happy to bring up when they want to. – Nick Barrucci


Lady Rawhide co-creator Mike Mayhew will also be receiving the same…


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