Pretty Pictures – From A Dying Homer To An Incredible Pug


Grand Theft Otto – Homer by Dan LuVisi, submitted by George Peter Gatiss.

Chief Wiggum’s police sirens grew louder as Homer got up, awaiting his final demise. He leaned up against a parked police car, taking out a loaded .45 pistol and cracked open his beer. As he took a sip, the rest of the boys in blue surrounded him, guns armed.


A painted recreation by Felipe Massafera of the famous Days Of Future Past cover by John Byrne , alongside a video showing The Making Of

And now something that is definitely not armless…


A comic book arm from ND Gray. All split into panels.


Walking Dead co-creator Tony Moore’s new modern zombies. Say hello to Alfred.

FWcvr4_draft FWcvr4

Before and after on Geof Darrow’s First Wave cover.


Miss Monster’s tentacled bandana makes its way to ThinkGeek.


Fuacka’s Incredible Pug makes it to AnotherFineTee


Something rather Swamp Thingy by Moppaa


Something Badass by deadslug


A watercolour cutout of The Doctor and Idris from The Doctor’s Wife by Qing Han.


A new project from Morgan Jeske, Disappearing Town.


“They tortured me many times… but each time erased my memory” by dihaze.


Ilias Kyriazis gives us his gangster KISS


A promo primnt from Amala’s Blade by Michael Dialynas


Scott Amundson asks if golf can save a marriage…


Pinguino’s Ninja Penguin set from an amazing night.


Summer Of Valiant fanart from wootjay makes for a very refreshing look at the publisher’s titles.


Dan Brereton’s Batgirl from many years ago…


A cover to an upcoming issue of Day Men from Matt Gagnon, Michael Alan Nelson and Brian Stelfreeze.


A little mermaid from Emma Vieceli. Emma is often the heart and soul of the Comics Village at MCM London Expo and I really regret not seeing her there last year as I was half a world away.


Diana Greenhalgh’s Huntress... Diana is a significant figure in comics, with a reputation of sticking to her guns, no matter what.


Meghan Hetrick has a certain romantic way with Witchblade and The Darkness.


This is Richard Cox’s Batman, sold by Wednesday’s Heroes.


And finally… Carpe Diem cover to A1 by Rhoals Marcellius and Sakti Yuwono.

More from Pretty Pictures next week!

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