Zombie Outlaw #2 – Review

zombie_outlaw_2_cover  Cameron Hatheway writes;

When the first issue of Zombie Outlaw came out back in 2010, I was instantly a fan of the fun story and wacky art. With the second issue finally being released this month, I’m not going to lie when I say I had to go back and rewatch what I originally said about it since my first issue is in storage back in San Diego somewhere.

Nevertheless, the story wasn’t too complicated in the first place, so reading issue two was like hopping back onto the saddle in a way. It also helps that they included a brief recap page for new readers (and in my case old ones as well).

Immediately from the cover alone Jordan’s art style is much crisper and cleaner than the first issue, with a lot more detailing and shadowing included. Picking up exactly where it left off three years earlier, the Zombie Outlaw has once again been unleashed and is terrorizing the students studying in Irvine State University’s library. The Zombie Outlaw curse has been transmitted to Will Simers, who after briefly skirmishing with a student called Scooter, transforms back to his human self.

PG_ENDThe majority of fighting that happens in this issue isn’t between the Zombie Outlaw and the students, but rather Scooter and Matt Naismith over a girl. Matt has had a major crush on K.T. Delaney, and after Scooter says some raunchy things about K.T.’s badonka-donk, Matt feels the need to defend her honor and then all hell breaks loose. I honestly could have done less with the drama between those two, for in my opinion the real interesting part of comic was the infection of Tad Schellman.

Tad’s a douchey Bro who was hitting on K.T. all last issue, when suddenly he became infected by the Zombie Outlaw as it came tearing through the library. Displaying symptoms of zombification, Tad fights the disease while bulking-up on muscle pills that make for a lethal combination as he turns into a disgusting Abomination-esque version of the title character. Slowly but surely students are being turned on campus, and with the recent transformation of Tad it doesn’t look good for our main characters.

PG_partyThe one feature that I’m glad Jordan kept from the first issue is the characters Popeye-like arms. A very unconventional look in a medium of muscles and perfect bodies, it suits the mood of the comic rather well. Another technique the creators fiddled with in this issue was the fading-in and fading-out effects in certain panels. While not always a homerun, it was refreshing to see some experimentation in the comic’s second issue.

If you’re able to come across the first issue, by all means read it, but at this point it’s not really needed if you’re starting with this issue. You’ll be able to piece together what happened prior, and if the production schedule remains the same issue three will be out sometime in the year 2016.

Right now people can order it directly through writer Brian Apodaca on Twitter or via Facebook, and retailers can order issue #1 (and soon, #2) via RA Comics Direct.

Zombie Outlaw #2
Reunion Comics
37 pages, FC
Written by Brian Apodaca
Illustrated by Benny Jordan

Cameron Hatheway is the host of Cammy’s Comic Corner, an audio podcast. You can question him on his own massive forearms on Twitter @CamComicCorner.


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