Monday Runaround – Beating A Dead Marvelman


A day in the crime fighting life of what happens when you play at Grand Theft Auto 4 with the new Iron Man 4 Mod.


It doesn’t go well.


Mark Millar is keeping it humble in The Daily Record.

“It’s great, because no one has any idea that the guy who wrote the movie is sitting there along with them.”

Mmm. What would Jeff Wadlow or Jane Goldman say? It could have been a journalistic conflation of course. But no Paris premiere like Iron Man 2 had for Kick Ass 2…

“I’m making sure that we have a premiere in Glasgow and I can’t wait to see what my family and friends think of it.”

It’s all in aid of his appearance at the Glasgow’s Aye Write book festival tonight. Do let us know if you’re going!


Caption, Britain’s longest running comics convention, is scheduled for 24th-25th August this year, as ever in the East Oxford Community Centre.

Folks from Oxford’s 2000AD, Judge Dredd Megazine and The Phoenix will in attendance, with Rian Hughes, Andrzej Klimowski, Danusia Schebal, Al Davison, Paul Collicutt, Karen Rubins, Ian Rakoff, Charles Cutting and more.

And yes, there’s a bar. Obviously, there’s a bar.


Heidi MacDonald writes an incredibly sensationalist headlined piece asking if Isaac Perlmutter is behind the recent LucasArts layoffs. A bit like the sensationalist claims she claimed we were making about the actual New York legislation proposed by an actual NYC councillor last week. I prefer to think of them both as sensationAL …

While Perlmutter’s meddling in the larger Disney business outside of Marvel remains as secretive as current photos of him, bits and pieces have drifted out. His influence has most been felt in consumer products, where a restructuring felt the “Ike Touch.” Cutting people while profits are high and success is a given certainly sounds like an Ike move, and very much like what I was told might happen.

Also at the Beat, Pádraig Ó Méalóid gets the letter from 1985 from Dez Skinn informing everyone that Alan Davis wanted to stop the republication of his work on Marvelman, after Alan Moore stopped the republication of Captain Britain.

Alan Davis of [address removed], Corby has been in contact with me as his agent for all of his copyright visual properties in connection with the MARVELMAN/MIRACLEMAN comic strip.

He wishes me to make clear to all relevant parties that he is withholding his copyrights and refuses to allow the reprinting of the serialised comic strip art known as “MARVELMAN Book 2” by any publisher whatsoever.

Which does conflict with Eclipse’s cat yronwode’s statements printed by Speakeasy in the same year;

Dez Skinn signed a contract with Eclipse allowing us to reprint material from Warrior, and we intend to reprint that material. If Alan Davis granted Dez Skinn the power to make that contract, and has since changed his mind, that is unfortunate for Alan but he is legally bound to that contract. If Dez Skinn represented himself to Eclipse as having the power to represent Alan Davis when in fact he did not, that is a matter for Alan Davis to settle with Dez Skinn. In any event Eclipse will be reprinting the material.

And three for three, Comics Beat on whatever happened… and may be happening… to the non-existent Oblivion graphic novel the film was meant to be based on.

Although Kosinski has been saying in interviews that he didn’t feel the graphic novel treatment would be published, as he felt it was a version of the story he wasn’t that connected to, Radical, obviously, feels differently. “I think he’s leaving out the fact that movies and books don’t need to be exactly the same. They are called source material for a reason,” says Berger. However, because of various marketing factors, including keeping some of the surprises in the film secret, Radical will not release the graphic novel version until later in 2014.

Has that ever stopped a novelisation?


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