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It must be a real arse to argue with Luke Skywalker when he pulls lines like this one from Star Wars #3 on you. Arguing about the contents of the fridge probably go the same way. “Who ate the last sausage? Luke???” “I was hungry, you know, after taking on the Death Star for you Leia.” There’s just no response to that.


Being publisher of Image Comics, Eric Stephenson had some handy inspiration  surrounding him. So Nowhere Men has a concept not too far from The Manhattan Projects, combined with Hickman’s design sense from The Nightly News, the inter personal relationships of Saga, the occasional silliness of Skullkickers (like eating a wheelchair) and an art style not too far from Phonogram. Could this be the perfect Image Comic? It’s certainly a step up from Spider-Man Unlimited Volume 2.


And talking of silliness, and The ManhattanProjects, today Robert Oppenheimer punches a horse. Like you do.


For quite some time, a number of publishers have attempted to put out a successful World War Two comic book. If only they’d thought to merge it with the characters and themes from Peter Pan. Certainly Garth Ennis never thought of that, did he?

No, he was too busy working on perfecting his Scottish accent for Crossed Badlands.


Yes, we have censored the bottom half of this panel. Well, it is C-Day!


Look everyone! Foreshadowing! Foreshadowing in Avengers Arena! Ignore it at your peril!


The cabinet of the super villain island in Secret Avengers #2. I wanted to see the full and frank electoral process that saw them take these positions, however. Did the media vet them? What were the talking points? And what is Jude’s policy on Obamacare anyway?


Xander becomes Archie. #Riverdaleworldproblems. Say why haven’t they done that crossover yet?


Fearless Defenders, the only comic book willing to give you full on Miss Piggy style kung fu against a goddess. Hiya!


That’s Tony Lee dialogue, apparently. His first for DC Comics. And he’s got his surname on the cover. I wonder if DC will think people will get confused with Jim Lee and pick it up?


After last week’s Before Watchmen dipped into After Watchmen territory, we’re back to Retelling Watchmen territory.

You know, if future readers are literal and pick up Before Watchmen before reading Watchmen, they may get terribly bored having to read the same scenes all over again when they get to Watchmen.


Cylops The Human Target.


Thrust is such a male word isn’t it? Where’s Miranda when we need her?

YouTube Preview Image

Thank you, Miranda.


Not often you see a superhero all bandaged up like this. Well, a building did fall on Batgirl. Does rather emphasise the details of the conversation… mortality coming closer to us all.

And on that depressing note…

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London.

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