One Shop’s Top 125 Graphic Novels Of 2012

From Comickaze of San Diego, their top hundred-and-twenty-five selling graphic novels of the year…


Batman HC Earth One


Walking Dead TP 16 A Larger World

Walking Dead TP 01 Days Gone Bye


Batman HC 01 Court of Owls


Superman Earth One HC 02


Walking Dead TP 02 Miles Behind Us

Walking Dead TP 15 We Find Ourselves


Walking Dead Compendium TP 01


Walking Dead HC 01

Channel Zero TP Complete Collection

Saga TP 01


Avatar Last Airbender TP 01 The Promise


Get Jiro HC (MR)

Walking Dead TP 03 Safety Behind Bars


Walking Dead TP 17 Something To Fear


Locke & Key HC 01 Welcome To Lovecraft

Fables TP 17 Inherit the Wind


Avatar Last Airbender TP 02 The Promise


Sandman TP 01 Preludes & Nocturnes

Walking Dead TP 05 The Best Defense


Superman Earth One HC 01

Magneto Not a Hero


Walking Dead HC 01 Rise Of The Governor

Justice League HC 01 Origin

Locke & Key HC 05 Clockworks

Fables TP 16 Super Team


Flex Mentallo HC Man of Muscle

Avengers vs X-Men TP Its Coming

Walking Dead TP 09 Here We Remain

Walking Dead TP 04 Hearts Desire

Avatar Last Airbender TP 03 Pr

Chew TP 01 Tasters Choice


Watchmen HC

Locke & Key TP 01 Welcome To L

Hark a Vagrant HC (MR)

Chi Sweet Home GN 01


Tale of Sand HC

Civil War TP

Parker HC The Score

Adventures of Tintin 01 HC

American Vampire TP 02

Batwoman TP 01 Elegy

Batman HC The Killing Joke

Walking Dead TP 10 What We Became

Walking Dead TP 14 No Way Out

Monsters Meet on Court St TP

Transmetropolitan TP 01 Back o

Walking Dead TP 06 Sorrowful L

Batman TP Year One Deluxe SC

Stuff Of Legend TP 01 The Dark

Kamichama Karin GN 01 (of 7)


Walking Dead HC 03

Walking Dead HC 02

Locke & Key HC 02 Head Games

American Vampire HC 01

Locke & Key TP 02 Head Games

Jim Hensons Dark Crystal HC 01

TMNT Ongoing TP 01

Batman Knightfall TP 01 Broken

Walking Dead TP 11 Fear the Hunters

Invincible TP 16 Family Ties

Walking Dead TP 08 Made To Suffer

Walking Dead SC 01 Rise Of The Governor

Princeless TP 01


Walking Dead HC 07

Game of Thrones HC 01

Batman TP the Long Halloween

Hellboy TP 12 Storm and Fury

Batman TP Dark Knight Returns

American Vampire TP 01

Invincible TP 15 Get Smart

Buffy Season 8 TP 01 Long Way Home

Serenity HC 03 Shepherds Tale

Batman Chronicles TP 01

Amulet SC 01 Stonekeeper

Bone Color SC 01 Out Of Boneville

Sailor Moon TP 01 Kodansha Ed


Art of Avengers HC Slipcase

Walking Dead HC 05

Walking Dead HC 04

Batman TP Hush Complete

Locke & Key HC 04 Keys To The Kingdom

American Vampire HC 03

Are You My Mother HC A Comic Drama

Twilight Manga GN 02 (of 2)

Serenity HC 02 Better Days & Other Stories

Wrinkle In Time GN

Batman TP Arkham Asylum Ann Ed

Superman Red Son TP

Stuff of Legend TP 02 The Jungle

Supergods SC Vigilantes Mutant

Batman TP Gates Of Gotham

Manhattan Projects TP 01 Scien

Unwritten TP 05 On To Genesis

Scalped TP 01 Indian Country

Scott Pilgrim GN 01 Precious Little Life

Amelia Rules TP 04 When The Past Is The Present

Lost Dogs GN (MR)

Grimm Fairy Tales TP 01


Artist Ed HC Amazing Spider-Man

Habibi GN

Walking Dead HC 06

Locke & Key HC 03 Crown of Shadows

Batgirl HC 01 the Darkest

Batman HC Arkham City

Mouse Guard TP 01 Fall 1152

Walking Dead TP 13 Too Far Gone

Rachel Rising TP 01 Shadow of Death

Twilight Manga GN 01 (of 2)

Empowered TP 07

Y the Last Man TP 01 Unmanned

Adventure Time TP 01

New Dead Zombie Anthology TP

World War Z SC Oral History of the Zombie War

Scalped TP 10 Trails End (MR)

Scalped TP 09 Knuckle Up (MR)

Animal Man TP 01 the Hunt

Fairest TP 01 Wide Awake

Zombie Survival Guide TP

Fables TP 01 Legends in Exile

Chew TP 05 Major League Chew

Codename Sailor V TP 01

Nuts HC

Papercutz Slices GN 04 Hunger

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