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Look for more collaborative writer projects from Marvel in the future, according to Axel Alonso;

Another thing I learned was the power of collaborative writing. This wasn’t my first rodeo with a big event story featuring multiple writers and artists — I’d cut my teeth on “Messiah CompleX” and “Second Coming” — but “Avengers Vs. X-Men” was so much bigger in its scope. And I truly believe that the story benefitted from the combined might of its five writers and three editors. “AvX” gave me a lot of confidence that we can do more of this in the future.


The art of the modern geek cartoon dissected by PC Pro.

“I read a lot to familiarise myself with multiple topics,” says Klossner. “I find the best process for me is to spend a couple of hours sketching and thinking about a topic for a day or two, and then coming up with two to three ideas after sleeping on it. I like to share a couple of possibilities with clients and, after getting their reactions, pick one of the ideas to draw the finished piece, which takes me anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours. I have a weekly deadline, which definitely helps me. It makes my thoughts flow. If I waited until the perfect joke or idea came along, I’d end up doing one cartoon a year and then putting that off until next year, in case I came up with something better.”


Newsarama tracks down where certain characters will be popping up in Marvel NOW!

Young Avengers is returning in January, but many folks wondered why Wiccan’s brother Speed isn’t part of the cast. “His absence is explicitly explained in the first issue,” Gillen told us in October. “While he’s never going to be a core cast member (at least, for the first year of the book) there are some things I’d like to do with him.” The writer tentatively plans to feature the character in issue #6 of the series.


The Daily Democrat asks a comic store owner about the current state of comics.

So what is it that today’s comic books are showing us about ourselves and possibly about the near future?

Though it’s not an easy question, one thing is for certain: “The comics are getting darker,” Urazandi said.

He pointed to a rack of Marvel Comics – which include such heroes as Spider-Man, Captain America and the X-Men – and noted that even aesthetically, the bright hues and heroic poses of 50 years ago have largely been replaced by shadowy images of intimidation, pain or bloodshed.

But it isn’t just a visual difference: “The characters and the situations are much more cynical,” with depictions of sex and violence more commonplace, Urazandi said



The Huffington Post UK lists their best comics of 2012

Bryan Talbot also allowed us to return to the beautiful anthropomorphic steam punk world he created for his Grandville series with a welcome third instalment. Meanwhile, Hunt Emerson reminded us of his inventiveness and skills as satirist with his version of Dante’s Inferno. In France, Emerson is included among the 75 European Masters of Cartooning of the 20th Century by the Centre Nationale de la Bande Dessinee et de l’Image. He is a significant creative force who deserves far more recognition in the UK. Another splendid adaptation was Hope Larson’s graphic novel version of A Wrinkle in Time by Madeline L’Engle. Brian K Vaughn began a new ongoing saga, appropriately titled Saga, with Fiona Staples, exploring the possibilities of the space opera genre in the twenty first century. Charles Burns released The Hive, his long awaited follow up to X’ed Out, and Chris Ware gave us his box full of Building Stories.


Rick Olney, founder of ORCA and controversial publisher of TightLip Entertainment has passed on, from cancer. He is survived by his wife and five children.

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