Tuesday Runaround – Ultron And Hobbes


A Calvin And Hobbes page sells for over $200,000… but it still has a way to go to beat Frank Miller and Klaus Janson.


Marvel Comics are promoting Age Of Ultron by Brian Michael Bendis, Bryan Hitch, Carlos Pacheco and Brandon Peterson as their 2013 event – with artwork that, well, they published in Avengers #12.1 a few years ago and then again in the 2012 Free Comic Book Day comic. Nice new cover though.

Rumoured to have been finished for a while, Marvel will publish all ten issues from March to June, with the first three by Bendis and Hitch in March. Looks like someone wants to keep Man Of Steel from the top. Will they succeed?


ComicsBeat notices that Kindle comics, like its books, are returnable in a short space of time. Which includes the single comics now being released by DC Comics on Kindle, apparently hours before they are available in store…

Is it me or is this a Pirate’s Charter?


USA Today reports on the Bleeding Cool Magazine Top 100 Power List, published on Wednesday, and gives away the ending


Bleeding Cool’s own Grace Randolph sees her Supurbia comic start an ongoing series tomorrow from Boom, with the trade of the first mini-series out next week (though strangely, available now from Amazon – while stocks last)


Comics Alliance reports on Molly Crabapple moving into animation. And all of the tedious step-by-step process that this entails…


The Miami Hurricane reports on a graphic novelist seeking to overcome obstacles that even the most desperate comics wannabee never has to deal with.

Leal has muscular dystrophy, a degenerative disease that has disabled the use of his arms and legs. However, already 30 chapters into his manuscript, he hasn’t let the disease stop him.

The novel “Eternal Radiance of Romance” will be published in six parts. It is about a man, a character based on Leal himself, who is stuck in a love triangle with a maid and a singer in modern-day Japan. Leal hopes to finish the first part by May.


Newsarama reports that Deadpool will have an “Uncanny X-Men #1 Deadpool 53 State Birds” variant cover to parody the Justice League Of America #1 state variant covers…


Groundview looks at a Kickstarter attempt to tell the 2009 Sri Lanka war through comics.

I was in Chennai with a friend and her daughter and we celebrated, with an elaborate lunch, the arrest and detention of her husband, also an old friend of mine, in Zurich. He had spent nearly $20,000 with agents travelling from Chennai to Saudi, Istanbul, Kiev and to Zurich. The story was incredible and I relised how conflict continues in peoples lives long after the bombs stop falling. So I began to look at telling the story from this perspective – from the asylum seeker in the UK reflecting back on his life from 2006 to the present day in London.


Locust Moon Comics launches a comics festival in West Philadephia for the 16th of December with an impressive guest list.


Erik Larsen runs the 20th Anniversary cover to Savage Dragon on his Facebook page.


Brendon and I are getting the train from Euston this evening to Northampton to see Alan Moore‘s new film, Jimmy’s End. We’ll let you know what goes down. If they let us leave, that is…

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