Whitney Returns, Revolution Falls, Psy Dances - Need I Say More? The Week In TV Ratings

Jamie Wotton writes for Bleeding Cool.

And so we come to the season premiere of Whitney. Sure, fine, whatever. When’s Community back? February 7th?

Aw, let’s get on with this thing.

Going up on Monday was How I Met Your Mother. The time-turning comedy has been down in recent weeks and returns to a strong-even-for-CBS 3.0. On the flipside, Revolution, the one-legit-hit of the season is falling. It’s lead-in, The Voice, is still legitimately huge, earning a 4.3, but Revolution earned a low 2.7.

One of the more hilarious little trends this season is The CW’s Rachel Bilson doc-rom-com (that’s doctor romantic comedy, obviously) Hart of Dixie‘s rising ratings. It rose again this week to a 0.7.

ABC’s more twisted Tuesday night line-up of comedies is doing, as expected, not too well. Don’t Trust The B—–  In Apartment 23 hit a 1.1, down 8%, along with Happy Endings scoring a 1.4.

Wednesday saw the premiere of the second season of Whitney. Praise to the Gods. It scored a 1.4, mostly in line with it’s first season. Guys With Kids, recently picked up for a full-season, notched a 1.3. NBC have a lot of faith in these types of shows, for no reason over than multi-cams being big hits on CBS. It’s weird – in this current climate, shows like that need to be hits straight away, or they won’t ever be. So NBC trying to pretend they will someday score big is absurd.

Saying that, NBC has a nice little reliable spot in Chicago Fire. It doesn’t do great by any stretch of the imaginination but at 10PM, scooping up a 1.6, isn’t too bad at all. Turns out, people like ‘Hunky Dick Wolf Firefighters’. We won’t be seeing Chicago Fire: Miami anytime soon, but for now, hovering around a 1.6/1.7 is pretty good for the #1 network.

Winning a season high on Thursday, The Big Bang Theory clocked up a 5.5. CBS had quite a good night all round, with Two And The Half Men (4.1), Person Of Interest (3.1) and Elementary all going up. Elementary detected a 2.3 – not too great, but hopefully the US Sherlock will see a boost as it follows the Superbowl next year.

For the more obviously younger-skewing shows, Twilight may have had an effect. Glee fell down to a 2.1, while The Vampire Diaries to a 1.2. I don’t want to come right out and say that two hot-and-sexy-vampire pieces of media have some audience overlap… but they very well might do.

On Friday, ABC’s comedy bloc should send out an SOS. Last Man Standing fell to a 1.4, with Malibu Country hitting 1.6, down 24%. The sci-fi epic Fringe, over on FOX, stayed the same as last week with a 0.9.

Not even Gangnam Style’s Psy could help the American Music Awards on Sunday night. Down from last years 4.3, it spun to a 3.4. It was the lowest rated AMA’s ever.

And you take your animation wins where you can, right? American Dad didn’t fall on FOX’s Animation Domination even though the rest of the full-bloc, including The Simpsons (2.5) and Family Guy (2.5).

I’ll see you all next week, with more numbers, speculation and excitement. If there’s something more fun than TV ratings, I don’t want to know it!


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