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Sara Simms writes for Bleeding Cool;

The Future Prophecy is a new graphic novel series that tells the story of Sara Simms, the superheroine who wields the power of the future of music. In a world full of ancient magic and dark technologies, her mission is to save Toronto from the villains of Bogtown Records. The main characters in The Future Prophecy are based on Canada’s top DJs and musicians.

The Future Prophecy was born as a concept more than two years ago. I returned home from a DJ tour in Berlin and was inspired to create a new project that combined together my love of DJing, music, futuristic music technology, and my sister’s passion for graphic novel style art and epic stories. I’m a DJ, turntablist and music producer, and my sister is an artist who has worked together with me as my creative director for over a decade. Since the early days of my DJ career, we featured comic book-style artwork on my event posters and flyers.

Melle already had an idea for the plot, and we agreed to meet every Sunday to write The Future Prophecy’s storyline. We knew that we wanted the story’s main character (that’s me) to have to work through her own personal challenges before she would become a true heroine. In the beginning of the story, my character suffers the loss of her great love and studio partner, Savion Simms. Heartbroken, she retreats to the city’s sewer system. Meanwhile, Toronto is in chaos; the villains of Bogtown Records have taken control of the city. Bogtown Records is a notorious corporation who are rumored to be using negative sound waves to conduct human experimentation to build their CACU army.

My character Sara is gifted with musical superpowers that allow her to control technology with her mind, and she is the Chosen One who can unlock the musical tests that lie before the fabled Future Prophecy. In order for Bogtown Records to be stopped once and for all, Sara must reach the Future Prophecy before the Metronome of Time stops ticking, and mankind’s fate is eternally sealed.

We decided to base all of the story’s characters on Canada’s top DJs and musicians, who each represent a unique musical sound and style. Moving forward, each issue of The Future Prophecy will be accompanied by a musical release that express the issue’s theme. Here are a few of the main characters featured in our first issue, and their powers and abilities:


Doyle Delano: The CEO of Bogtown Records, Doyle is an imposing man with a Master Plan.

Gui Guillotine: Gui Guillotine is Doyle’s protege, a ruthless villain with an implanted mechanical heart that beats at the BPM of techno.

Dextra Delano: Doyle’s bewitching daughter who disguises her voice to sound sweet and innocent to attract victims before letting out a deadly scream that paralyzes them.


Sara Simms: The superheroine who wields the power of the future of music. Able to control musical technologies with her mind.

Decklyn Dubs: Technological wizard and ‘Thymeless’ Owner, a legendary Toronto club known for its reggae/dub nights, and massive sound system

Melle Oh: Sara’s younger sister, and best friend. Her superpower is ability to communicate with animals, a talent that she is secretive about.

We found the right artist, Arthur Dela Cruz, to illustrate the first issue of the graphic novel. To launch the series, we decided to release both a digital and print edition. The Future Prophecy Volume One, ‘Arcanum’ is available for tablets and mobile devices in the iBookstore , Amazon and on our website as a free download. You can download them from our website here.

Vol. One ‘Arcanum’ is also available on Graphicly:

Please connect with us on Facebook if you would like to join our online community, and see project updates:

I hope you enjoy the first issue of our story, and will continue to watch, read and listen as the journey to The Future Prophecy begins…


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