When Jerry Siegel Wrote To Aardvark-Vanaheim Looking For A Publisher For Redd Death And Life-Queen, Zongolla The Ultroid, Doomsday-Y-Y Komics, Space Rock Kid And Ricky Robot

Dave Sim has been sharing all manner of items planned to go into the Digital Cerebus collections. This morning we received a motherlode of Cerebus sketches, mostly by Dave Sim (below) but also one from Barry Windsor Smith (above).

There were also a couple of letters, one from Harlan Ellison where he agreed in principle to write a Cerebus story for Dave Sim, but also one from Jerry Siegel, the co-creator of Superman, looking for a publisher for his new work.

There is litle knowledge around about Redd Death And Life-Queen, Zongolla The Ultroid, Doomsday-Y-Y Komics, Space Rock Kid and Ricky Robot, but there are online records of Siegel registering them for copyright in 1980. Does anyone have any more information?

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