Dealing Cool #7: Astro-Zombies of Albuquerque

We’re proud to have Mike Delia of the store Astro-Zombies provide a fresh, new perspective for our Dealing Cool retailer feature.  Mike described his shop: “We have been voted Albuquerque’s #1 comic shop for eleven straight years, and what an honor it is!  We’re happily the source for comics, graphic novels, toys, and tons of pop culture goodness for the area. We are located in the Nob Hill area, just north of The University of New Mexico.”



What are the hot items in your store this month? Even more interesting, what would be an item (or items) that surprised you?

The Massive, the new Brian Wood title set in a post-environmental apocalyptic world. It’s VERY interesting so far. We were sad to see DMZ end, but are so excited to see where this new book heads.  With Batman, we expected it to be huge, but it’s even bigger than expected.  The “Owls” storyline has just brought even more readers to the title.  I still say Batman #5 was probably the single best issue of a comic I ever read.  By page six, I felt like I was descending a staircase, and it was cold and damp and I just became one with the story.  So sick!  Finally, TMNT EVERYTHING!  IDW put the book out and we got behind it just for the fact that Turtles are the whole reason I cared about comics growing up.  It took a few issues and some pushing from us as fans, but this series has gotten HUGE for us.



Was there any particular sales program or push in the past month, and how did it go over? What would you do differently? Any tips for other retailers on strategies they can duplicate elsewhere?

We recently started to do a Podcast called “The Astro-Boys.”  We put out weekly issues available on iTunes, Libsyn, and more.  We talk comics, do interviews, and lots of other fun stuff.  Also, we carried the Spider-Men #1 Marvel store exclusive issue, which was a great opportunity for loyal customers to check out a special version of a hot book.  We recently teamed up with IDW for a TMNT art contest where someone will win a chance for their art to be used as a store exclusive cover for an upcoming issue of the comic.  Finally, Funko Pop! Sheldon Cooper in the Flash T-Shirt Astro-Zombies exclusive.  We teamed up with Funko to bring you one of the most fun figures to hit shelves this summer.



Considering sales and customer feedback, how did a particular big-ticket series or event perform at your store?

Avengers Vs. X-Men…we got involved and did the Tuesday night event as one of the only stores in our state to participate, not really knowing what to expect. We had a HUGE turnout that night and what a blast it was!  So many people were psyched to be there and check out this new series.  So far, sales have stayed strong and our customers can’t seem to get enough.



What’s a favorite pick for your store, something you wholeheartedly endorse as a high quality and entertaining product?

Brian Wood!  We love Local, DMZ, and now, The Massive. We are all huge fans and always look forward to every new project he throws our way.



Any humorous observations from behind the counter from the past few weeks?

We work in the comic industry, so the strange at Astro-Zombies is usually the norm. And truthfully, we wouldn’t have it any other way!


Mike Delia
3100 Central Avenue SE
Albuquerque, NM 87106
Phone: 505-232-7800
Twitter: @astrozombiesnm

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