Tuesday Runaround: Chat With Stan Lee And Gene Simmons On Bleeding Cool Later Today

TheManWatch: Stan Lee and Gene Simmons will be at Sundance today doing a one hour live video chat, and you can catch it all — and ask questions — right here on Bleeding Cool starting at 2:45 EST today. Head over to register in advance if you like, and get your questions ready. We’ll do a post containing the chat when it’s about to begin.

StaticWatch: John Rozum talks about leaving Static Shock.

All of my ideas and suggestions were met with disdain, and Scott McDaniel lectured me on how my method for writing was wrong because it wasn’t what the Robert McKee screenwriting book he read told him was the way to do things. The man who’d never written anything was suddenly more expert than me and the editor was agreeing with him. Scott had also never read a Static comic book, nor seen the cartoon series, yet was telling me that my dialogue didn’t sound true to the character and would “fix it.”

Static’s alter ego, Virgil, who was more important to the original series than his super hero persona, was put on the very back burner because Harvey said it wasn’t important and that the book just needed to be all action. One of my scripts was deemed too slow because there were a total of 4 pages where no one was hitting or shooting anything. Essentially my job was to transcribe Scott’s voluminous and often clunky dialogue into a script format. Any efforts I made to try and finesse, edit, or reduce his dialogue or captions, offended him, and everything had to be changed back to how he’d originally written it, while my dialogue always required his improvement.

When I received an email from Harvey telling me that he and Scott had been plotting out the series without me, after Harvey had promised me that I’d be back in the driver’s seat as the writer, I’d had enough and quit.

DrawlWatch: Here a comic store owner from Tennesee say “Supermaaaan, Batmaaaaaaaan…” in this article about the success of comics in the area.

GraceWatch: Here’s the cover to Grace Randolph’s Supurbia #2 by Peter Nguyen from Boom! Studios.

MotionWatch: The making of the Art Of Pho motion comic.



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Electric Man and more comics movies at the Glasgow Film Festival | The Forbidden Planet International Blog Log

That battle is still going on but Dugbus aren’t sitting still – the film will get its official premiere at the Glasgow Film Festival on the 23rd of February and will also be going further north to be screened at Hi-Ex in late March.

DC Universe: The Source » Blog Archive » Gallery from “We Can Be Heroes” Press Conference

Below, check out a gallery of images from this morning’s press conference announcing “We Can Be Heroes” at the Time Warner Center in New York City.

Television and Film Concept Art | A Distant Soil by Colleen Doran

Had a hiatus from comics a few years back and spent most of my time doing illustration, television, and film concept art.

New Statue Images Show Off The Avengers’ Mark VII Iron Man Armor | Superhero Hype

Kotobukiya, a Japanese toy company beloved for its dolls and statues, has released, through their Facebook page, new images of their upcoming Iron Man Mark VII statue design, which will be featured on the big sceen in May 4th’s Marvel’s The Avengers. The official description of the model is as follows:



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