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AdWatch: Long copy ad for Omaha The Cat Dancer back in the day, from Very Fine Near Mint.

VidWatch: When Robert Downey Jr arrived at Hero Complex Film Festival…

LyricWatch: “How can you bear to hold his hand/I bet he signs his name in Comic Sans.” – Bad Comedian, Art Brut

TabloidWatch: The Daily Mirror notices Superman’s costume change.

BlogWatch: “I’m not sure why they’re calling it Static Shock! unless they feel it’s a better recognized title because of the animated series. Until the announcement was made on Wednesday, i was under the impression it was being called Static.” – John Rozum

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They say I am a work in progress. The fools.

Matt Groening Did Art For Apple Before ‘The Simpsons’! » MTV Geek

Before Matt Groening’s name became synonymous with America’s favorite cartoon, The Simpsons, he spent some time doing doodles for Apple! “A Student’s Guide” to Macintosh computers (which is more like a brochure trying to convince students their parents need to take out a loan on a computer) is full of Matt Groening artwork in a pleasantly familiar style.

Movie Studios Reassess Comic-Con –

Comic-Con, as a growing number of movie marketers are realizing, has turned into a treacherous place. Studios come seeking buzz, but the Comic-Con effect can be more negative than positive. The swarm of dedicated fans — many of whom arrive at the convention in Japanese anime drag or draped in Ewok fur — can instantly sour on a film if it doesn’t like what it sees, leaving publicity teams with months of damaging Web chatter to clean up.

Dan Didio: AS for JSA, we have…

AS for JSA, we have decided to rest this concept while we devote our attention on the launch of the three new Justice League series. As for other characters and series not part of the initial 52, there are plenty of stories to be told, and we’re just getting started. best, DD

ICv2 – CBLDF Joins Media Coalition in Utah Suit

The law regulates Internet speech that some might consider “harmful to minors,” including comics, visual art, photography, and information about the sexual health and rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth.

Hero Complex 2011 Recap:

Audio of the Jim Lee / Geoff Johns talk, and others.

A bit of reboot mechanics

As far as the comic itself goes, I can’t say too much yet, but we decided to acknowledge what happened before as material in continuity, since we felt those were some really great comics and there was no reason to start completely over.


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