Rob Granito’s MegaCon Adventure With Mark Waid

It may not have escaped your notice that Rob Granito appeared at MegaCon this weekend. You can catch up with the timeline here.

Ethan Van Sciver publically posted;

I’m at the airport in Orlando! MegaCon is done! It was great. Mark Waid and I told Granito he was not allowed to go to anymore comic conventions. It’s over now. Love you all. Home soon!

His wife Sharis Bunny Van Sciver added;

Ok. Well I picked Ethan up from the airport and got an earful. He AND Mark Waid talked to Rob today at Megacon. Apparently, when the “bodyguard” saw Ethan walk up to the table, he stood up, Ethan stared at him and growled “SIT THE **** DOWN” and the guy obeyed like a little dog! (I have never liked the fact that my husband is from Jer…sey up until just now. lol)

Ethan Van Sciver then posted:

I’m home! A lot of people are asking for a retelling of the end of Granito, via me and Mark Waid, but Mark is actually a writer, and maybe he’ll want to do it. He’d do it better. I had totally cooled down about Granito’s invoking of Dwayne’s name, until Mark showed up, and we both got each other pissed off again. But we both loved Dwayne McDuffie, and that was for him.

Which Mark duly did.

Don’t give me too much credit for the co-smackdown, folks. It’s just that when I heard that he’d tried to capitalize off Dwayne’s death, that was the last straw for me. I saw red and stormed over with Ethan. We were both livid. I told Fraudboy in no uncertain terms that I will personally contact every convention there is and warn them… not to give him a table if they ever want to see me or MY friends there, EVER. I also screamed at him when he said “Well, truthfully–” that he is not allowed to use that word, ever, ever. That word means nothing coming from him.

I believe my exact endquote, two hours before the show closed, was, “Make your money here, because this is your last convention. Do you understand me? This is your last show.” That’s right, I was so pissed, I unilaterally appointed myself Sheriff of All Comicons. I should have a badge made.

I think my favorite moment was when this kid said to Ethan–after lying when asked if he’d actually claimed to have worked with Dwayne (a claim he ABSOLUTELY made)–“I just considered him a friend, same as I’d consider you a friend–” and E…than growled “Let’s make this clear: I am NOT YOUR FRIEND.”

Dear Fraudboy: When you have comics’ leading leftwing socialist hippiefreak AND comics’ leading rightwing Nazi teaming up to smack you down, YOU HAVE FUCKED UP.

The Chiller Theatre convention has removed Rob Granito from their guest list. I understand Dragon*Con are also concerned and more to follow. There seems to be quite an activist movement. UPDATE – Wizard World have now barred him from attending future cons.

And for those who still think this is overboard for a simple swiper (when he’s anything but), here’s one from Aaron Shaps:

My beef is that back in 2006 he approached one of my best friends, and the co-founder of my studio, about doing some commissions he claimed were for a friend. Yesterday, my buddy and I discovered that Granito has been selling prints of those commissions as his own work–both individually AND photoshopped together into one large print–on his web-site for years…probably since 2006, not long after the work was actually done.

And it all started on Thursday morning. I wonder if CBR, Newsarama, The Beat or Comics Alliance will pick up on this story at any point?


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