John Babos Puts Together Geoff Johns’ Flashpoint Event

Flashpoint is the much hyped, much teased, upcoming Flash-related event by Geoff Johns. Thanks to John Babos of Comics Nexus for allowing us to reproduce his original piece on Bleeding Cool looking into the latest teases towards this storyline.

In Time Masters: Vanishing Point #5 we get a few new clues. The most significant of which is the last of these three images where Supernova talks about “New Time” being made. What is New Time?

DC has (clearly?) jettisoned the concept of Hypertime, but it does feel like DC is focusing on “fixing” its timestream now that its multiverse has been reestablished, doesn’t it? That would make the current DC Legacies maxi-series a more interesting read if that is how DC’s current time is supposed to unfold, but will it work out that way after Flashpoint?

Looks like Black Beetle, Booster Gold, Rip Hunter and (a new or old?) Waverider will likely play a part in Flashpoint. And the question still remains… who is the Black Beetle?

[Click on the below Time Masters: Vanishing Point #5 images to view the Flashpoint teasers in full.]

These reveals follow recent teasers in Flash #6 where “paradoxes”, linked to a “time fissure”, makes it impossible for those in the future to “get” what’s going on in the modern day DCU.

And, as you can see in the second image from this issue, there is a singular event called “Flashpoint” that may have caused the time fissure that led to the paradoxes. So, what is that event or moment that is the, um, “Flashpoint” for DC’s time stream problems? Looks like we’ll find out in 2011.

So, naturally, Flash (and this new mysterious motorcycling “Hot Pursuit” person), Wonder Woman, Batman and some of the Brightest Day cast will be part of Flashpoint.

And, just who is that hooded Judge from the future? Is the colour of the cloak deliberately similar to the Time Trapper’s? (Probably, to throw us off the scent.)

Also, who is the person that Cyborg is talking to in the first image on the viewscreen? (Seems like the Teen Titans may also play a part in all this. A Titans Tomorrow connection, maybe?)

[Click on the below Flash #6 images to view the Flashpoint teasers in full.]

And, all these follow the more direct Flashpoint teaser that was in the back of the recent relaunched Flash #1. The Superman image still seems the most perplexing for me. It is a given that the Speedsters (good and bad) will be present in the Flashpoint event.

[Do the clicky thing on the below image from Flash #1.]

This event would seem to lend itself to an appearance by the Legion of Super-Heroes as well, but we’ll have to wait and see. And, could the Wildstorm properties come into play?

So, what do you make of all this? Any other teasers in your regular DC reads?

With Time Masters wrapping up in January 2011 and with the flashback Rogue profile (filler?) issues of Flash over with Hot Pursuit’s official full-length debut in the same month in the Flash title, we may know more within the next 30 days.

So… any more for any more?

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