Anti-Islamists Against Batman

Batman is a story about a billionaire who takes personal responsibility for a crime wave in his city, rather then relying on government expansion and inefficiancy to solve the problem. It is a comic about duty, about personal responsibility, about one man making a difference and inspiring others.

It’s not exactly a communist comic book really.

And in the two-part Batman Inc story written by David Hine, appearing in Detective Comics Annual and next week’s Batman Annual, we met the new French Batman, Night Runner, who happens to be an Algerian Muslim immigrant.

The Astute Blogger , a site dedicated to “exposing left-wing propoganda”, noticed.

I knew it was only going to get worse at DC Comics: in his continuing efforts to form Batman Inc, Bruce Wayne recruits an Algerian Muslim living in France, in Clichy-Sous-Bois, where the Muslim riots grew out of in 2005, over the death of 2 delinquents who electrocuted themselves by stupidly entering a power station, and the blame was laid upon at least 2 policemen who weren’t even at fault and didn’t even know they were there. How about that, Bruce Wayne goes to France where he hires not a genuine French boy or girl with a real sense of justice, but rather, an “oppressed” minority who adheres to the Religion of Peace. And this is a guy whose very parents were murdered at the hands of a common street thug!

And reading this review, it may be just the beginning of the problems:

Bruce reveals that he’s aware of some bizarre assassinations taking place in Paris, and he wants to help. Still dubious, the cop shows Bruce a letter giving clues to the next murder, and Bruce deducts that a Muslim diplomat was the target of the assassin.

Really? Not a cartoonist like Kurt Westergaard or Lars Vilks?

Also, it’s funny how someone who recruited an indigenous Japanese combatant for his operation can’t do the same in France. Surely Saint-Flour in Brittany might have a couple of brave folks who could step up to plate? Now that this has happened, one can only wonder if Bruce Wayne will go next to the Gaza Strip and recruit a Muslim who thinks him/herself oppressed not by the Hamas, but by the Israelis, and even to Sweden, where he’ll recruit a Muslim living in Malmö, which has long had troubles of its own with suburban jihadists.

When this was brought up on the Dixonverse forumsomeone asked:

Does he bring justice to the Parisian streets by lighting dozens of evil automobiles on fire every night?

Does he set disabled women on fire too?

Thank goodness the JLA/99 special was a fiasco. We can only hope the same will be for this pretentious story. It certainly puts the lie to the whole notion that DC is “conservative”. And it tells that they are really going downhill. I’m guessing that the writer, Kyle Higgins, is taking out his leftist anger on France for finally taking steps to fight back against creeping shariah and Islamic supremacism, by banning the niqab for starters.

Oh boy. I usually love it when idiots kick off like this, but this seems particularly idiotic.
Kyle Higgins by the way, wrote the back up strip. Your ill-considered bile should be aimed at main writer David Hine who created the character…

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