Speculator Corner Special: Five For Thursday

This week brings all sorts of interesting possibilities fo the comic book speculator – the individual who snaps up all the issues of a certain comic at your favourite local comic shop, in the hope of selling them on at a markup in the future. Unless of course, you get them first. So here is a run down of possibilities – and why you might want to pick up more than one copy if you are that way inclined.

Now some will go for a new Wolverine #1, others will look to Batman Orphans, but speculators have learnt of late it’s the smaller books that’s where the mad mark ups lie…

1. 27 #1. Image Comics have had a run of creator owned titles that have had stellar orders but have gnerated huige excitement amongst an audience. Walking Dead, Chew, Morning Glories, Skullkickers… and now I reckon the next one is 27. A mystical conspiracy about musicians who die at that age, creator Charles Soules  has also tied in an unofficial competition to those who can work out certain numerical clues to win $1000. The book sold out at distributor level two weeks ago and there’s a second print on the way. Basically shops cannot order any more of the first print than their original orders – what you see is what you get. The only snag is, it’s going to be a hell of a comic to list on eBay for people to find. (UPDATE: Image say this book is out this week, Diamond say next week. Maybe we’ll get a split ship – which will add even more uncertainty to the game!)

2. Bring The Thunder #1. Dynamite’s second lowest ordered book of all time is also the first issue of an interesting military superhero comic, starring a black lead, created and co-written by Alex Ross. With a new Kurt Busiek/Alex Ross book on the way this year. I cannot see this book not going up in value in the short term. If you can find a copy.

3. Marineman #1. Another first print, low order for Image Comics here. But with a well regarded creator. The downside is that this is cartoony all-ages work, not popular in the direct market. The upside is that cartoony all ages work often does better later in its publishing life as those early issues go up in value. A long term investment this one.

4. Raise The Dead 2 #1. Dynamite’s lowest ordered comic of all time, with a good quality creative team, a successful first series, and zombies getting a Walking Dead boost right now. Not a guarantee here, but its scarcity may help a lot.

5. Night Of The Living Dead Holiday Special. Nothing more than one of the alternate covers might get some serious attention once people realise that it’s a zombie nativity and that’s the baby Jesus being disembowelled. Dependent on people being shocked.

Remember, more people lose money from comics speculation than have gained it, it has already taken down the comics industry once, and never gamble money on comics that you need to spent on food or heating. Although at least you can burn them when they sell for 5 cents on eBay.

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