Want To Be An Extra In Captain America? Get Your Hair Cut!

“Typical isn’t it? A film about fighting fascism demands hat you have to get your hair cut to be in it. Don’t they see the inherent irony in such a deman? Disgusting!”

Sorry, everyone, that was my inner anarchist there. I don’t normlly let him out, well he’s only fifteen.

Where were we? Oh yes, there’s a casting call gone out;

‘Extras’ needed in Manchester & Liverpool for a sequence on a major new feature film called FROSTBITE.

This film is set during the 2nd World War and we have a very specific brief we need to meet for both male & female ‘extras’ in Manchester & Liverpool.

Okay, now we know Captain America: First Avenger is filming in Manchester and Liverpool. We know it’s set in World War 2. And we know that films like to use clever-clever titles to disguise their true nature when filming. And Captain America does end up getting frozen in an iceberg for seventy years. Oh and Production Weekly already said Frostbite was the nickname for Cap.

So yeah, it’s obviously Cap. But what the people really care about more than anything is hair!

• Your hair length MUST be between Chin Length and Shoulder Length.
• Hair longer than shoulder length may need to be cut, so if you currently do have long hair but are happy for production to cut it nicely on or just below your shoulders, let us know at the casting.
• Hair must have NO HIGHLIGHTS at all or be obviously dyed.
• Afro hair must be in natural condition.
• NO SUNTANS (unless skin is naturally Olive/Black)
• Women cannot be taller than 5’8

• You will need to be prepared to have a short back & sides 1940’s haircut, with enough hair on top of your head to push into a side parting (if nature allows)!
• Hair must have NO HIGHLIGHTS at all or be obviously dyed.
• Afro hair must be in natural condition.
• NO SUNTANS (unless skin is naturally Olive/Black)
• Men cannot be taller than 6’ 2

At the moment you need to be free for ALL of these filming dates however this is subject to change once filming begins. We will confirm dates when we book you.

Filming dates: SEPT 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th & OCT 1st

So… what are you doing at the end of September then?

Via: LiveForFilms

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