Numbercrunching: Alan Moore's Dodgem Logic #3

So Alan Moore is really serious about this continuing fanzine then? Oh yes. Issue 3, with plans for 4 and 5 set out. And have you seen the website? No one just knocks that kind of thing up.

I don’t suppose there’s anyway he could use this publishing impetus to get Big Numbers #3 to #12? Probably not, no.

So, Alan Moore’s Dodgem Logic #3? Yes he’s got his name in the title now. Which is fair enough, he may directly write a small section of the magazine but the tone, feel and language is very Alan Moore-centric. Friends, family and fellow travellers. Issue 2 has only just reached some parts of the US so it may be some time till you get this. I picked it up in Forbidden Planet this Saturday  but it hadn’t reached Gosh or Orbital in London by then.

Cos?t: £3.50

Pages in total: 76

Pages by Alan Moore: 14

Including the two page cover spread and Heartbreak Hotel cover? Yes to both. The front page is a disturbing in a Charles Burns-meets-Carvivale kinda way.

That does sound disturbing. Yes, yes it does doesn’t it?

Text pages not about magic or about Northampton? 1

Pages by the much heralded Gorillaz? 0

What does that bode for the opera? Well, I had said I’d heard it was on hold…

Is their absence referred to? Yes. Moore writes “the popular primates we that promised you last issue have receded back into the mist…”

You know, I never got a copy of the Astounding Weird Penises comic book by Alan last issue. Contact your store/distributor/publisher, they should be able to sort you out.

Free T-Shirt Iron On Transfer?: 1

Nipples on said T-Shirt?: 2

Most untimely piece? The bit on submitted inserts for future issues “As far as deadlines go, , if you wanted to be included in our psychedelic summer special #4 on sale in June/July , your pages should be completed and proofread by the 3rd of May”.

Wasn’t that yesterday? Yes.

Ahh. Never mind, the deadline for issue 5 is July 5th.

Oh good. So what are the best bits in the issue? Alan’s runthrough of stage magic and real magic and tapping into the one thing that has always driven my own sense of spirituality, the irreducability of consciousness in any way that I’ve been happy with. So that’s good. Robin Ince creates a bit of a strawman fight against irrationality, Steve Moore reavalkuates the Decadents, Tamsyn Payne pimps your tea towel, Ol’ Bill does an anti-bent copper rant that sent me right back to classic eighties fanzine material, Kevin O’Neill draws even more disturbing shit, comedian Josie Long writes and draws her own two page strip … and never understimate the indicia which informs us that “if you want proof that your relative/ball pount pen/other sock is still in one piece, here’s a photo of them holding/resting on this morning’s Daily Mail.”

When’s it out in the UK? Should be this week.

And the rest of the world? Fuck knows. No volcano delays though.

You know it’s starting up again don’t you? No, no I didn’t know that.

Will the next issue have a free volcano plug? It better have.


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