Kidney Stone Delays Nemesis #2? (UPDATEx2)

Steve McNiven has been in the wars of late.

First, he painfully passed a kidney stone and then possibly as a result, threw out his back. This resulted in a two-months-plus month recovery period.

Because of this, Steve told folk at C2E2 that his comic with Mark Millar, Nemesis #2 has been indefinitely delayed, as he’s still trying to complete the pages.

McNiven has no other competing projects. His recent appearance at C2E2 was part of a test to see how well he can cope with normal comic creator-type things with regularity again.

(UPDATE) While this story was based on reporting by a Bleeding Cool contributor talking to McNiven at C2E2, Mark Millar has repudiated the report on his board. Millar writes;


People have got in touch and asked what’s happening as some nonsense online about Nemesis delayed indefinitely. Steve had a couple of health problems that slowed him down, but he’s almost finished issue two and isn’t doing anything else until he’s finished issue four (the series finale). I don’t know where this started (perhaps Chinese Whispers at Chicago), but issue two will be out in a few weeks and we’re probably looking every two months for the remaining two issues.

PS We have our director and the deal is being ironed out this week. He’s literally my number one choice and all the mods, who know who he is, are very excited. I’ve finished the comic series and the scripts are now in the hands of the director who will start adapting next month. HUGELY EXCITING!

Steve McNiven has also posted, stating;

Oh dear. I guess it’s been a slow rumor day. Still, this supposed news story is very misleading and I don’t want fans of Nemesis to be lead astray by some fool with an axe to grind. If I need to go into details, it wasn’t the kidney stones that caused the delay but rather the herniated disc in my lower back resulting from writhing around in pain passing those buggers that dropped me for about three months. Now to make matters worse I have to post this stuff online to stop this crap from being taken seriously by the good folks who buy the stuff I work hard to create. For the record I am back at the drawing table (standing up though), getting stronger every day and am just finishing off the last few pages of Nemesis #2 as we speak, and I’m solely focused on finishing the series off. So enough of this ‘indefinitely postponed’ bullshit o.k.? Look, I don’t like to have to post details of my personal life online but when someone makes it personal by attacking my livelihood without cause, I have no other recourse. Hopefully this will set the matter straight and I can get back to drawing. But before I do I just wanted to say thanks to all the fans of Nemesis for stopping by my table at C2E2 this weekend, your enthusiasm for the book and the medium as a whole makes all this worthwhile.


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