Turf - Jonathan Ross And Tommy Lee Edwards' New Comic

jonathan_ross-290x400Well, we know the name. Turf. A new four issue comic book mini-series by Jonathan Ross and Tommy Lee Edwards, to be published around March next year. It will probably come out from either Marvel Comics under their creator-owned Icon imprint, or from Image Comics. Expected this to be confirmed later this week or early next week.

And it appears to be a supernatural gangster comic set in 1920s America.

Ross states in a podcast today that Tommy Lee Edwards is currently working on a movie project and will start drawing the comic in three of four weeks. His association with Edwards came via Mark Millar, who suggested a number of artists to him. Millar and Edwards worked together on 1985 for Marvel.

In earlier tweeting commentary, Ross stated that he was finishing the script for issue two and that it wasn’t a superhero comic but was set in the past. Oh and there are 1920s vampires in gangster clothes in it, amongst others. He describes it as ;

An intelligent popcorn movie. lots of action, lots of setting, lots of cool ideas, but with an emotional heart to it.

From the title and these details, one could surmise the book may be about different supernatural groups, werewolves, vampires, zombies and the like, fighting out organised crime turf wars in America’s prohibition heyday… but we’ll have to see.

GeekSyndicate talked at length to Ross, where he talks about how he got into comics from his older brother (and fellow broadcaster) Paul, the free mask in Captain Britain (the Green Lantern ring of its day), running his own comic shop with Paul Gambacinni, and how they lost thousands of pounds a week, being a Warhammer and World Of Warcraft widow, the legacy of Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko (did you know that the original Spidey costume was meant to be orange and purple?), Charlton Comics and well, his new comic and why he didn’t offer the book to DC Comics.

Jonathan Ross, one of British TV and radio’s biggest broadcasters has often talked of his love for comics, and has appeared in a few, such as Saviour, The Beano and the Comic Relief Comic but this will be his debut in the medium. Tommy Lee Edwards, known for his work on The Question, Zombieworld, Hellboy, Daredevil, Batman and, recently, concept art on The Book Of Eli.

In other tweets, Ross twannounced that he will be voicing the character of Barry in Fable III, a junior accountant needed in one of the quests. He was joking about the role, but that was enough for it to be reported as fact. Ross accidentally tweaked that the project was in development last May

Tommy Lee Edwards, talking to the Geek Syndicate guys tweeted that he’d also do an interview for them, but;

I’ll try not to blow all of the top-secret stuff about our new book (unlike wossy).

That’s a damn shame, Tommy, a damn shame.

Oh and “hello all you popbitchers out there” – Madonna.

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