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[Rumor] Disney+ Already Eyeing Season 2 of ‘The Mandalorian’

There isn’t even an officially released trailer out yet for Disney+ live-action Star Wars series The Mandalorian, but rumors are swirling plans are in place for a second season. According to HN Entertainment, a LucasFilm source informed them that a second season for the Jon Favreau-created series was likely, and that Favreau was expected to return as showrunner […]

Disney+ 'WandaVision' Series Starts Filming This Fall Says Elizabeth Olsen

Disney+ ‘WandaVision’ Series Starts Filming This Fall Says Elizabeth Olsen

Marvel Studios is about to unleash Avengers: Endgame on the world this week. While yes, it’ll be the end of an era of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s far from the last thing we’ll be seeing with some Avengers team members. There are several series in the works at Disney+, the House of Mouse’s streaming service […]

'The Clone Wars' Season 7 Trailer from Star Wars Celebration! [SWCC]

‘Star Wars’: Will Live-Action Kill The Animation Star?

Star Wars animation saved the franchise. After the disappointment of the Star Wars prequels, it was the animated show Star Wars: The Clone Wars that reinvigorated old fans and initiated new ones. In the ten years between Revenge of the Sith and The Force Awakens, Star Wars animation was the only visual source of new canon for […]

‘High Fidelity’: Jake Lacy Joins Zoe Kravitz for Upcoming Hulu Series

Series lead Zoe Kravitz‘s (Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald) spin on a whole new generation of Top 5 lists will be getting a little help from (and possibly a little annoyed at times by) I’m Dying Up Here‘s Jake Lacy, with the actor set to join Hulu’s updated romantic comedy series High Fidelity. Based on the […]

Giancarlo Esposito Chats Disney+ ‘Star Wars’ Series ‘The Mandalorian’

IS IT TIME FOR DISNEY+ TO LAUNCH YET BECAUSE WE REALLY WANT TO SEE THE MANDALORIAN! Okay okay sorry for the excited yelling, but the first live-action Star Wars spinoff series just sounds out of this world (sorry-not-sorry), and every single thing we’ve heard thus far just makes us want it NOW. While speaking to our friends […]

Marvel is Trademarking Helstrom and Glyph - For TV as Well as Comics?

Will Marvel Announce TV Shows Based on Hellstorm and Glyph?

Of late, Marvel has been trademarking a lot of TV show titles. with those categories, such as Marvel’s Tigra & Dazzler, Hit- Monkey, MODOK, WandaVision, Falcon & Winter Solider, and non-scripted series Marvel’s Heroes Project and Marvel’s 616 all coming to Disney +. Man, it wasn’t too long ago that Marvel executives Joe Quesada and Tom Brevoort were talking […]

'The Clone Wars' Season 7 Trailer from Star Wars Celebration! [SWCC]

‘The Clone Wars’ Season 7 Trailer from Star Wars Celebration! [SWCC]

First of all, ignore the sub-caption on these screenshots and video from the panel it’s self, we KNOW it’s The Clone Wars season 7, not 6. That said, WHAT A TRAILER, GUYS! During Sunday at Star Wars Celebration, Dave Filoni and Sam Witwer, Ashley Eckstein, and Dee Bradley Baker joined Warwick Davis on the main stage to discuss the return […]

[Star Wars Celebration 2019] The Clone Wars Sneak Peek Live-Blog

It was probably some of the biggest news to come out of San Diego Comic-Con that we were getting another season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. The show, which was canceled when Lucasfilm was bought by Disney, has been a sore spot for Star Wars fans for years. Now that Disney has their own […]

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‘The Mandalorian’: 4 Official Images from the Disney+ Series

Disney+ series The Mandalorian just finished it’s official panel during Star Wars Celebration in Chicago, and while they’re not releasing the footage shown (yet), we DO get some pretty fabulous high res official images from Star Wars social media powers that be. Firstly- our official first in-show shot of Pedro Pascal as the title character- the Mandalorian. Then, […]

First Look at Disney+ Streaming Service; Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, and NatGeo

Homer Welcomes Disney Corporate Overlords in Disney+ ‘The Simpsons’ Announcement

During today’s Disney Investor’s Day presentation which showed off EVERYTHING coming to the Disney+ streaming service, there was a short video from America’s longest-running animated family. It was announced today that the first 30 seasons of The Simpsons will be exclusively available on launch day of Disney+, which was finally revealed as November 12th 2019. […]

Disney Shows Off First Look at Disney+ Streaming Service, Details Some Things

Kevin Feige Details Marvel Disney+ Offerings, Confirms MCU Tie-Ins

Today was Disney’s Investor’s Day, and with it the first look at upcoming House of Mouse streaming service Disney+. Kevin Feige confirmed some previous rumored things, like the Scarlet Witch and Vision series (now titled WandaVision), the upcoming Falcon & Winter Soldier, the What If series, and Loki. Elizabeth Olson and Paul Bettany will be reprising their […]

'Love, Simon': 'This Is Us' EPs Adapting 2018 Comedy-Drama for Disney+

‘Love, Simon’: ‘This Is Us’ EPs Adapting 2018 Comedy-Drama for Disney+

As Disney’s new Disney+ streaming service continues rolling out its short-term and long-term programming slate, we’re seeing the start of some very synergistic bedfellows. In this case, we have the new streamer announcing a comedy series based on Love, Simon. Now Love, Simon was originally a 2018 romantic teen comedy-drama directed by Greg Berlanti, written […]

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Kathleen Kennedy, Jon Favreau Reveal Some ‘The Mandalorian’ Goodness

“We’re trying to make it look like Star Wars. deep in the middle of heavy lifting to complete it,” Favreau said during the LucasFilm presentation during the Disney+ first look at the Disney Investor’s Day event. “Star Wars demands a nod to the history with puppetry and effects and in camera tricks,” he continued, but […]

Disney Shows Off First Look at Disney+ Streaming Service, Details Some Things

First Look at Disney+ Streaming Service; Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, and NatGeo

Today during the Investor’s Day Showcase, the official first look at The Mandalorian, and the upcoming live action Marvel Studios series, Falcon & The Winter Soldier. Each item shown will be available as soon as the service launches. Playstation 4 and Roku have already been secured as carriers of the service. Disney+ will allow subscribers to download […]

First Look at 'The Mandalorian' Speeder Bike from Star Wars Celebration

First Look at ‘The Mandalorian’ Speeder Bike from Star Wars Celebration

There’s a whole lotta Star Wars happening in the city of Chicago this week, as Star Wars Celebration is happening at McCormick Place. Aside from the obvious excitement around Episode IX, there is also the matter of Disney+’s upcoming slate of Cosmic-Conflict inspired series. Like Jon Favreau‘s The Mandalorian, which will star Pedro Pascal in the title role. Thanks […]

Jon Favreau Says ‘The Mandalorian’ Scale Close to First ‘Star Wars’ Film

We are terribly excited for Jon Favreau‘s Star Wars series for Disney+, and the more we hear about The Mandalorian, the more we feel he was the right choice. The Disney+ series will be the first of the planned Cosmic Conflict projects heading to the streaming service, and will no doubt set a tone for the rest of […]