"Charmed" Season 2 "Breaking the Cycle": The Power of Three… Gone? [PREVIEW]

The CW's Charmed is back after a brief Valentine's Day break – but we're not sure there's a whole lot of love being thrown Macy (Madeleine Mantock), Mel (Melonie Diaz), Maggie (Sarah Jeffery), and Harry's (Rupert Evans) way with this week's episode "Breaking the Cycle". Good-ish news last week for Harry (we're looking for a silver lining, […]

kung fu

"Kung Fu": Tzi Ma, Kheng Hua Tan Join The CW's Series Reimagining Pilot

While Blindspot's Christina M. Kim and Martin Gero's reimagining of '70s cult actioner Kung Fu continues fighting for a spot on The CW's programming schedule, we're learning two new names joining the pilot. Tzi Ma (The Man In the High Castle) and Kheng Hua Tan (Crazy Rich Asians) have been cast as series regulars in […]

"Batwoman" Has Sister Doppelganger Trouble in "Take Your Choice" [SPOILER REVIEW]

On this week's episode of The CW's Batwoman, with another universe's Beth (Rachel Skarsten) back in Kate's (Ruby Rose) universe post-Crisis, we find that, much like that episode of The X-Files, the doppelgangers can't occupy the same place without cosmic consequences. Our episode revolves around Kate having to make a choice between Beth and Alice […]

Batwoman | Season 1 Episode 12 | Take Your Choice Scene | The CW

"Batwoman" Season 1 "Take Your Choice": Alice Knows Something's Off [PREVIEW]

After taking time off last week (to rest, we hope), Kate Kane aka Batwoman (Ruby Rose) returns this Sunday night (along with her "World's Finest" programming partner Supergirl) – and The CW series isn't letting Gotham's newest protector start things off on a quiet note. With "Take Your Choice", Kate finds herself struggling with what […]

Supernatural Box

"Supernatural": Culture Fly Delivers Ultimate Winchester Winter Wardrobe Box [REVIEW]

Culture Fly's Supernatural Subscription Box delivers gifts SPN Family members never knew how much they needed. Nearly every item in Winter 2019's installment wards us against the perils of colder weather. This spectacular subscription has fans covered from head-to-toe – literally! I thought it would be tough to top the contents of the Summer 2019 […]