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Check Out the Latest Video Game Releases for September 17-23, 2019

This week we have a bunch of awesome video game releases as well as some special items like the SEGA Genesis Mini and Apple Arcade. Check out the complete list below, choose your titles wisely, and as always; have fun! September 17th AI: The Somnium Files Limited Edition (PS4, Switch) Bus Simulator (PS4, XB1) Castle […]

Because Not Everyone Knows What Steve Yeowell Looks Like…

 Everyone knows what Grant Morrison looks like. He cultivates a look… But not everyone knows what Steve Yeowell, his artist on Zenith, Sebastian O and Invisibles looks like. Well, this last Saturday at Gosh! Comics in London, Steve did a signing for the controversial Zenith collections from Rebellion. So we, at least, know which […]

Is The Big Bad Of Multiversity, The Big Bad Of Zenith?

The follow involves some seriously strong speculation. You have been warned. So, the big bad of Grant Morrison and Steve Yeowell‘s Zenith Volume 3 was a multi-dimensional sort of the HP Lovecraft sort. Iok Sotot: Eater Of Souls. Giving us the term “many angled ones” one of The Lloigor threatening to devour Time and Space, an entity that needed […]

With New Editions Impending, Was The Hardcover Zenith Worth The Wait?

By Tony Wolf As a lifelong Grant Morrison fan, I’d long heard whispers of Zenith, the elusive longform, out-of-print postmodern late 80s/early 90s superhero series by Morrison and artist Steve Yeowell (his first collaborator on The Invisibles), originally serialized in the UK weekly anthology 2000AD. When news broke that Rebellion / 2000AD would be reprinting […]

Grant Morrison And Steve Yeowell’s Zenith Hits Amazon UK

Here it is folks. From Amazon UK, the first volume of Grant Morrison and Steve Yeowell’s Zenith for October. Looks like publishers Rebellion are happy to ignore and and all letters from m’learned friends in Glasgow… Looks like volume two will be coming in December…

Rebellion Sends Out Zenith Royalties To Grant Morrison And Steve Yeowell

I understand that Rebellion has sent out royalty cheques for the Complete Zenith Hardcover have gone out to Grant Morrison and Steve Yeowell. As well as a complimentary copy of the book in question. And while Steve Yeowell may well be appreciative, it’s unlikely Grant Morrison will, who send Rebellion legal correspondence expressing his displeasure […]

Monday Runaround – Local Monsters

THINK LOCAL, ACT GLOBAL Samit Basu talks about his new Indian comic, Local Monsters. “They are folks with supernatural powers,” he says about Bengali vampire Bela, Yeti Tashi and North East local Indra. “They have fangs, horns, and the ability to make earth-shattering sounds, which make them targets for secret government agencies looking for conspiracy […]

Zenith Hardcover Sells For $640 On eBay

After over thirty bids, one successful seller of the Complete Zenith Hardcover managed to sell a copy for £395 or $639.39. The same seller also has another copy that’s already north of $160. Some people have received their £100/$150 copies (though many still seem to be awaiting theirs) but few have been sold on eBay, […]

Would You Pay £500 For The Complete Zenith Hardcover?

As we reported previously, the Complete Zenith hardcovers began shipping today. And so naturally, a few of them went straight on eBay. One for £500, another for £300, another for a penny, though now bidding over £30. I wonder if anyone will be bringing a copy or six to New York Comic Con? In the […]

The Zenith Hardcovers Begin To Arrive…

Bleeding Cool reader Greg Smyth has his copy… has yours arrived yet? And has Grant Morrison’s lawyer got his? Well, ex-2000AD editor David Bishop has his…

Zenith Hardcover To Ship In About Two Weeks

  The limited edition Zenith hardcover from Rebellion, planned to be sent out to 1000 buyers in December will be shipping a couple of months early, I’m told. In two short weeks. Rebellion got the copies early from the printers so will be sending them out early. After all, the Sláine 30th Anniversary hardback art […]

Grant Morrison Sent Zenith Legal Letters Without Response *Updated*

“We, uh, we spent five grand on lawyers’ fees. They sent [Rebellion] letters. We were very keen to discuss it and we’ve never heard back from them. All I can say is that we tried to get into a discussion with them and they just didn’t reply. I don’t know what to do at this […]

Grant Morrison To Talk About Zenith In Tomorrow’s Guardian Newspaper

The Guardian has been in the news itself of late. On one hand we have the boyfriend of their chief reporter on the Edward Snowden story getting held and interrogated without legal counsel for nine hours while passing through Heathrow on his way to Brazil. Then we have news of British secret services taking Guardian […]

Readying Zenith

Proofs of the Zenith hardcover as they arrive at Rebellion. I understand that there are legal moves afoot from Scotland. Everyone stand around in the playground and start chanting “Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!”

The Curious Case Of Brendan McCarthy’s Paradax… And Zenith

British journalist Laura Sneddon has been writing a series of articles for The Beat, breaking down the legal quagmire of comic books created for 2000AD, when it was part of IPC, Fleetway and Rebellion. Those who managed to reclaim their creator ownership of concepts, those who didn’t and what this might mean for the situation […]

First Review: The Complete Zenith Hardcover

Dave Wallace writes; A complete Zenith collection has long been one of the Holy Grails for comic readers. One of superstar-writer Grant Morrison’s earliest creations, the celebrity-pop-star-wunderkind-cum-superhero saga has of late been endlessly dogged by disputes over who owns the rights to republish the stories originally printed in the pages of 2000AD – meaning that […]

Creators Take Sides Over Zenith

A couple of weeks ago, I heard that Grant Morrison had sent a cease and desist notice to Rebellion over their declared intent to collect and publish The Complete Zenith, by Morrison and Steve Yeowell exclusively via their website and not through comic stores or distributors in a thousand-copy limited edition. However, talking to Rebellion […]

The Republishing Of Zenith – The Video Trailer

We ran the story first this morning. As well as highlighting some of the issues this may raise. But for now… here’s the video trailer for the Complete Zenith. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tufTQNa7S1w[/youtube] Someone should also mention Brendan McCarthy again, for his Zenith designs…