Yoe Books!

Yoe Books Launches The Yippie Yi Yoe Society – Hear Their Theme Song

Yoe Books are the publisher of all manner of envelope-pushing classic comics and comics that should be archived and remembered via a team-up with IDW. They brough us Alice in Comicland in 2014, a collection of beautiful Alice in Wonderland themed comics from a wide spectrum of classic creators, and also many a volume of […]

The Terror! Witness Craig Yoe’s Weird Love For Horror Comics And Their Enduring Legacy

Live from somewhere inside a decaying castle with angry hoards outside, flaming torches and pitchforks at the ready, the horror comic enthusiast, comic creator extraordinaire and editor of many historically important but maddeningly strange and artistically brilliant volumes of bone-chilling comics, Craig Yoe joins us here on Bleeding Cool especially for Halloween. The massive line […]

Milt Gross’ Lost Graphic Novel Comes To IDW Publishing

Milt Gross was known as a cartoonist, animator (for Disney and MGM), novelist and screenwriter (co-writing with Charlie Chaplin). He is also known for having written and drawn one of the first graphic novels, He Done Her Wrong, in 1930. Now IDW Publishing and Yoe Books are teaming up to release his ‘lost’ grpahic novel, […]

IDW And Yoe Books Bring Us Steve Ditko’s Shorts

Steve Ditko is best known for creating characters like Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, The Creeper and The Question. But he was also a master of the short 1 to 3 page story that he did for a variety of publishers. Now IDW Publishing and Yoe Books have put together a collection of 38 of these short […]

IDW Announces Weird Love Today With A Volley of Valentine’s Cards

From the much-beloved for the strange and off the wall retrospective content imprint Yoe Books! via IDW, we will be receiving new bi-monthly comic Weird Love in May 2014. If you’re thinking, “Aw, how sweet”, think again. This series collects all the “sexy, bizarre, sick, twisted, politically incorrect, kinky ‘romance’ comics of the 1950s and […]