Xenomorph T-Rex Comes to Life with REBOR's X-Rex Figure

Xenomorph T-Rex Comes to Life with REBOR's Bloodlord X-Rex Figure

Xenomorph is a creature that can easily give anyone nightmares. These devastating creatures have filled the sci-fi community with some great movies and toys. My favorite part of the Xenomorph mythos is the "what if' scenarios, Kenner conquered this back in the day with their line of Xenomorph Alien Figures but I think we have […]

NECA Teases New Sinestro Corps Predator For NYCC 2019

NECA Teases New Sinestro Corps Predator For NYCC 2019

NECA has been sitting on DC Comics two packs for quite awhile now, as they waited for the ability to release them. The first two packs were released last month as SDCC exclusives- a Superman/Alien pack and a Batman/Predator pack. While both were cool, NECA had another in their back pocket that fans have been […]

NECA Alien Resurrection Xenomorph 4

Alien Series 14 Figures From NECA Put the Focus on Resurrection

NECA's Alien line of figures continues this year with a new wave focusing on the forth film in the franchise Alien: Resurrection. Two figures will make up the wave, a new version of Ripley that comes with the Draco Double Burner and Lacrima 99 Shockrifle, as well as a basketball. This is the Ripley clone […]

Alien: Blackout Reveal Trailer (Mobile)

Mobile Game 'Alien: Blackout' Will Release on January 24th!

After some super-mysterious tweets regarding the 20th Century Fox property "Alien: Blackout", we've got some confirmations as to what the title is, and when we'll be seeing it. Featuring Ellen Ripley's daughter Amanda Ripley, "Alien: Blackout" will be a mobile game that is set to release on January 24th 2019. There was a short launch […]

Aliens Series 13 Collage

NECA Reveals Packaged Shots For Series 13 Aliens Figures

Series 13 in NECA's Aliens line is hitting stores in the first couple months of 2019 here, and they have revealed the final packaged shots of the three figures. Space Marine Apone makes his debut with tons of articulation, grenades, a rifle, and mechanical right arm. Two Xenomorphs are in this wave, with the Scorpion […]

Bleeding Cool Talks 'Alien' Franchise on #LV426

April 26th somewhere along the line became Alien Day, a celebration of Ripley, Weyland Yutani, and the Xenomorphs who love them.  First released in 1979, the groundbreaking space horror film directed by Sir Ridley Scott blew the airlock doors off what a female lead could do and be in such a movie. To be fair, LV-426 […]

Alien Queen Bursts Onto the Scene from Sideshow Collectibles

Alien collectors will both love and hate this one. Sideshow Collectibles has an utterly amazing maquette of the Queen from Aliens on the way. Sure to be the centerpiece of any collection, this version of the Alien Queen will stand 19" tall and features one of the most detailed sculpts I have ever seen. The […]

NECA Ultimate Deadpool 4

Deadpool Gets the First Ever Ultimate 1/4 Scale Figure from NECA

Deadpool will be the very first Ultimate Edition 1/4 scale figure from NECA. Shipping in late May/June, this version of the 1/4 scale Deadpool will come with just about everything you could possibly ask for to come with a Deadpool figure.   Marvel's Merc with the Mouth makes history as NECA's first ever Ultimate quarter […]

best toys 2017

Bleeding Cool's Best Collectibles of 2017: WWE, Marvel, Alien, and More!

2017 was a fantastic year for collectors. Figure sculpts continue to get better and better, from mass releases to high-end items. Statues keep getting bigger and more jaw-dropping in quality. New companies spring up almost weekly, and everyone seems to be doing the best work they have ever done. With that in mind, we have […]

alien figure

Alien Gets Another 18-Inch Figure From Super7; A Green One This Time!

Alien collectibles have gotten a kick in the butt as of late, thanks to NECA and especially Super7. Super7 models their stuff after the Kenner figures of old, so they automatically make me want to purchase them. But the attention to detail in the sculpting is where they really shine. Their various 18-inch Xenomorphs are […]

"Alien: Covenant" Blu Ray Has Pretty Great Special Features

If you are a fan of special features and documentaries on your blu rays, may we suggest Alien: Covenant for your next purchase?  Sure, while the film didn't do so hot in theaters, the blu ray sort of picks up that slack. "What we've tried to do here, is really really scare the shit out of […]

NECA Alien Figure Exclusive For SDCC 2017 Is Totally Awesome. Cowabunga!

Alien and TMNT fans, NECA gets us. For those of us who grew up watching the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated series, many episodes hold a special place in our hearts. One in particular though has always been my favorite, and that would be 'The Case of the Killer Pizzas". As an Alien fan, seeing […]

Super7 Gets Blind Boxes Right With Alien Xenomorph ReAction Figures

On Alien Day last month, I was on the hunt for cool Alien collectibles, and stumbled upon these bad boys on the Super7 Store page. The Alien ReAction figures are awesome throwbacks to the 3.75 inch toys of old, and I've always loved the sculpts on these, so I ordered five of them and waited […]

NECA Can Finally Talk About Their Alien Covenant Figures, And They Are Awesome

NECA promised that the day Alien: Covenant reached theaters, they could finally reveal what their plans are for figures from the film — and they have kept to their word. This morning, they wasted no time revealing their next wave of figures and products, and they look spectacular. Lets start with the various items. There will […]

Relive Terror In The Arcade With NECA's Aliens Video Game Tribute Figure

NECA and their line of figures based on video game appearances are a huge hit with collectors, as figures like Jason Voorhees, Freddy Kruger, Leatherface, Predator, and more have found a spot on collectors shelf's. Last year's SDCC exclusive TMNT figure box sets were the hottest item of the convention as well. The best part of […]

Alien Day Is Today, And it Is A Collectors Dream!

Happy Alien Day everyone! How are you celebrating? I will be attending a screening of Alien tonight, and as anticipation is reaching a fever pitch for Alien: Covenant on May 19, Fox and many other partners have announced quite a few Alien related products today as part of the festivities. From new Funko products to […]

Horrifying New Xenomorph Will Feature in Alien: Covenant

Alien: Covenant, the new prequel to the Alien franchise coming to cinemas next month, will feature a brand new take on the classic Xenomorph aliens, revealed in photos to Empire Online. Apparently inspired by Ridley Scott's love of nature documentaries, especially on 'living nightmare' animals. Screenwriter John Logan says, "Some of those nature videos are […]

Check Out Xenomorph And Leatherface's Mortal Kombat X Fatalities And Moves

The Kombat Pack season 2 for Mortal Kombat X will be with us soon, bringing in guest characters the Xenomorph alien and Texas Chainsaw Massacre's Leatherface into the fold. The guest characters will, of course, have their own fatalities, brutalities and x-ray moves. In fact, you can get a glimpse of them right here. Thanks […]