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AtGames will be Porting Classic Disney and Star Wars Games

AtGames announced that iconic games from the Disney and Star Wars franchises will be featured on their upcoming products. Classic games from Tron, The Jungle Book, The Lion King, and even Donald Duck, alongside the classic Star Wars games will appear on AtGames producs, including the Legends Ultimate Home Arcade machine, Blast! family plug-n-play micro-console, retro consoles, and portables. More info […]

Box Office: 'Venom' With $800 Mil, 'Ralph Breaks The Internet' with $55.6 Mil

For many families, mid November signals the beginning of the holiday season, and possibly a trip to the local theater. In the USA, it was Thanksgiving, which is usually a cinema-seeking sojourn with big studio releases lined up for vacationing enjoyment. The US box office for this past weekend per Box Office Mojo has Disney's Wreck […]

Ralph Breaks the Internet: A Heartfelt, Sloppy Mess [Review]

Wreck it Ralph surprised a lot of people when it was released in 2012. Sure it was full of references and cameos from familiar video game characters, but that is not all the film was. There was genuine heart and a great message of friendship at the core of that film, and both Sarah Silverman […]

Wreck-It Ralph is Quietly Invading Fortnite

Wreck-it Ralph has started to show up in Fortnite fuelling speculation a big crossover event might be on the way. Wreck-it Ralph is on a lot of lips at the moment. The Disney character has a new movie out, Wreck-it Ralph Invades the Internet, and it's going over pretty well. The character's second film has […]

Disney Releases New Teaser for 'Ralph Breaks the Internet'

Mere hours after revealing that Gal Gadot was joining the voice cast of animated feature Ralph Breaks the Internet (Wreck-It Ralph 2), the House of Mouse has released a new teaser for the upcoming film. The teaser shows the racing game Gadot's character is featured in, AND more of the hilarious (and adorable) antics of […]

Dark Horse, Not Marvel, to Publish a Wreck-It Ralph Comic Book

Disney happens to own its own very large, very successful comic book publisher, but when it comes to producing all-ages comics, Disney seems to have very little faith in Marvel. Instead, the company farms those out to publishers like IDW and Dark Horse, even, in the case of this morning's announcement, when making all-ages comics […]

SDCC Exclusives Collage 2018

Bleeding Cool's Top 10 Exclusive Collectibles at SDCC 2018

There is no show more jam-packed with exclusives than SDCC. Every year, it seems like every single booth has something with that familiar yellow and black sticker with the eye on it. "You can only get this here!" is the most common thing you will hear on the floor, as people shout it from their […]

Funko SDCC Exclusive Disney Incredibles Edna Jack Jack

Funko SDCC Exclusives Wave 7: Disney! Incredibles 2, Kingdom Hearts, and More

Funko has begun revealing their massive amount of SDCC exclusives for 2018. This is the time that all collectors both dread and look forward to all year. As they have been for the last couple of years, a majority of these exclusives will be shared with retailers outside of the con. That list usually does […]