wrath of the titans

New Trailer For Wrath Of The Titans Is Better Than The Last…

…well, at least it’s shorter. There’s an emphasis on the actual Titans, but you can bet your bottom dollar the film will be actually structured around the adventures of the humans. Still, while it would be unconventional to build a drama around big animals that don’t really talk and just seem motivated to mash things […]

This Wrath Of The Titans Trailer Couldn’t Have Come Along At A Worse Time

Following on the heels of the Dark Knight Rises trailer, the odd little Prometheus trailer and in the run up to the first teaser for The Hobbit, this trailer for Wrath of the Titans is on a hiding to nothing. So, with apologies to Sam Worthington and co., here’s our first look at Wrath‘s action… […]


Inception Might Be Getting Converted To 3D, And Wrath Of The Titans Certainly Is

Despite everything cinematographer Wally Pfister and director Chris Nolan have said about 3D, it seems that their most recent collaboration, the fanboy favourite Inception, could be getting a re-release in stereovision. This is according to Jonathan Liebesman, director of Battle: Los Angeles and the upcoming Clash sequel, Wrath of the Titans. Speaking to Collider, Liebesman […]

Wrath Of The Titans Cast Blooming

I’m sure Wrath of the Titans will be its own beast with its own problems but the association with last year’s Clash remake, to which it is a sequel, surely can’t help. The film is currently casting up under director Jonathan Liebesman, and amongst his new recruits are some exciting young actors. Shame, really. Blots on […]