VIDEO: Doctor Who Clip From 5.6! Vampires In Venice!

Here we go, you lucky people, fresh from Friday Night With Jonathan Ross, a clip from Vampires In Venice, the sixth episode of the new series of Doctor Who starring Matt Smith. And it all goes a bit Twilighty on our collective arses. And since you're in the mood, why not enjoy the extended version […]

Russell T Davies, Jonathan Ross, Armando Iannucci, Ian Rankin, Muriel Gray and Frankie Boyle To Contribute To Mark Millar's New Comic Project?

Bleeding Cool has been covering rumours of a Mark Millar collaborative comics project for some time now. Whether it's an anthology, a series of comics and graphic novels or even an entire imprint, it seems that Scottish comic-book-writer-turning-media-megastar Mark Millar has gathered a group of traditionally-non-comics writers to contribute to it. Here's a run down […]

SCOOP: Jonathan Ross And Tommy Lee Edwards Appear On Turf Variant Cover

Jonathan Ross and Tommy Lee Edwards will appear themselves on a 500 limited edition variant cover edition of their new comic Turf #1, being published exclusively for UltimateComicsOnline.com in the US. They appear dressed in the 1920s Chicago mobster style that permeates the comic in question. With a  little intentional space for additional sketching there. Might […]

Tuesday Runaround – Brad Looks Glad

KickAssWatch: The London premiere went well last night, it seems. And Australians can see Kick-Ass for free… A few of the local slebs were tweeting… NoelClarke Morning. Kick Ass was great. Nice party at Vaughns house after. All I could have was water cos of being sick. Hope this belly things goes. edgarwright Saw Kick […]

SCOOP: Turf #1 – Highest Preorders For Any Title To Date At Forbidden Planet

Turf  is the first comic written by British chatshow host and all round god-geek Jonathan Ross, with 1985 artist Tommy Lee Edwards, published by Image Comics next month. Despite being published in America, it was always expected to do better in the UK than in the US. But possibly not this well. Forbidden Planet, one […]

Monday Runaround – Mail, Miracleman And McLovin

SnipeWatch: Bleach is being made into a movie. No word yet as to whether Nick Simmons will be providing the soundtrack. CensorWatch: Steve Bissette looks at Diamond's involvement with the Ratings War, including an attack on the very existence of Miracleman #9 from Steve Geppi in which he starts "We are not censors" before stating […]

Waiting For Millar With Team Comicana

So anyway, I chatted with the Team Comicana crew outside Forbidden Planet in London earlier this morning, hours ahead of the Millar/Romita Jr Kick Ass signing , about their upcoming geek anthropology show – far from a pilot, it seems this will be aired in the US on a cable channel, a "season zero", with […]

Is Frankie Boyle Writing for Mark Millar's Comic Book Anthology?

A while ago, Mark Millar suggested that he wanted to publish a UK comic book anthology featuring a whole host of creators. Brendan McCarthy was mentioned… and then it all went quiet. Recently a recruitment post on Millarworld for new artists was seen, by some, as a possible part of this project. Well, on Jonathan […]

Tuesday Runaround – Jonathan Ross To Jedward

RossWatch: Jonathan Ross and Tommy Lee Edwards will be signing copies of Jonathan's first published comic book, Turf from Image Comics at Forbidden Planet in London on Wednesday April 14th, 6-7 pm. You want in, start queuing in the morning… SciverWatch: From MegaCon, Ethan Van Sciver is working on a new mini-series with Gail Simone. […]

Tuesday Runaround – Suspecting Staff, Reviewing Relatives And Watching Walls

SpoilerWatch: The final big-spoiler double splashpage to Blackest Night #7 was uploaded to online image store Photoshack yesterday, a day before official release, and spread around the message boards. Naturally suspicion has been pointed at retail staff at shops that receive Tuesday deliveries in ordeer to have stock up and ready by Wednesday morning opening. […]

Speculator Corner – What's Hot To Trot?

This is a dangerous game. Looking at just published or just-about-to-be published books and making predictions for the speculator market as to what comics will go up in value. And which won't. If anyone starts putting any actual money into it, they could most likely come a cropper. And more fortunes have been lost on […]

Thursday Runaround – WalMart And The Bullpen

WalMartWatch: What happens when Wal Mart dress as Marvel Comics. SerialKillerWatch: Martin Conoghan and Will Pickering their new Burke & Hare graphic novel at Edinbugh's Forbidden Planet at half four till half five today. RossWatch: At some point this year, Jonathan Ross is planning to fly out to Italy to interview Jim Steranko for the […]

Wednesday Runaround – ****ing Deadpool Everywhere

WTFWatch: Deadpool, like Wolverine, apparently needs to be on more comics. Such as the following variant cover for Secret Warriors #13. There's a point. Are serious swear words, even abbreviated ones, now allowed on the cover of Marvel's comics? Well, I suppose, DC did publish The Kents. RossWatch: The preview of Jonathan Ross' comic book […]

Preview: Jonathan Ross and Tommy Lee Edwards' Turf #1

One is the biggest name broadcaster in the UK, currently without a contract. The other is a comic book, movie and design artist looking for the next big thing. Together, they fight crime. Or alternatively, create a comic book. Turf, by Jonathan Ross and Tommy Lee Edwards, currently a Gem of The Month in the […]