world of warcraft: legion

World Of Warcraft: Legion Sold 3.3 Million Copies On Day One

World of Warcraft is well over a decade old now. That is pretty crazy, especially considering that the game is still susisting on a subscription service which is a paymodel that is certainly on the wain. The game still has a massive pull though, as evidenced by latest expansion Legion‘s sales numbers. It’s been announced […]

World Of Warcraft: Legion Level Cap Hit In Under 6 Hours

World Of Warcraft: Legion is just barely out with the sixth expansion pack for the game barely 24 hours old. That hasn’t stopped Twitch streamer Fragnance from hitting the 110 level cap in no time. During a stream and leveling a Demon Hunter class (which starts at level 98), the player quite unbelievably hit the level cap […]

World Of Warcraft – Legion To Let Rogues Embrace Their Outlaw Side

And after a week’s worth of articles we come down to the last of the character classes, but certainly not the least. The stealthy and dangerous Rogue who hides in shadow, drenches his blades in poison yet still works for the good guys. A Rogue was the first DPS class I had ever rolled and […]

World of Warcraft – Legion Re-Emphasizes Shapeshifting For Druids

As our tour of the proposed changes to character classes that will come with World of Warcraft: Legion comes near an end, we turn to the class I’ve personally played the least – Druids. I’ve started one up a few different times, gotten to where they could shift into different forms and then just went […]

World Of Warcraft – Legion To Refine Monks Unique Game Play

On our trip through the proposed changes to the World of Warcraft classes for their upcoming expansion Legion, we not stop on the enigmatic Monks. This class is the most recently introduced and specifically tied to the Mist of Pandaria expansion. These are not the Gregorian chanting type monks but rather the butt-kicking, martial arts […]

World Of Warcraft – Warriors Feel The Rage Going Into Legion

When I first signed up to play World of Warcraft almost nine years ago, I wanted to make a toon that would be hard to kill and powerful. So I made a warrior and somehow ended up being a tank. This permeated through all of my characters after, playing every class like they are in […]

World Of Warcraft – Legion Changes To Death Knights, The First Hero Class

A lot of the talk about the new World of Warcraft upcoming expansion Legion has been about the introduction of the second Hero Class, Demon Hunters. But let’s not forget the original Hero Class that introduced us to starting at level 55 and talking through a Vox… the Death Knight. So let’s take a look […]

World Of Warcraft – Legion To Remind Warlocks They Have Demons

What is more pure World of Warcraft than the dark hearted Warlocks? Casting destructive spells, controlling demons and inflicting excruciating amounts of pain. It’s one of the most fun classes to play (and my personal main so I may be biased). Warlocks are the flip side of the Paladins, living in the shadows and avoiding […]

World Of Warcraft – Legion Will Bring Paladins Closer To The Battle

As we continue our look at the class changes coming up with the new World of Warcraft expansion Legion, we move on to the noble and righteous Paladins. When I first started playing WoW, Burning Crusade had just come out and you could customize your spec as much as you wanted. We ran with something […]

World Of Warcraft: Legion Gets Impressive Trailer And Release Window

Blizzard almost always have very impressive CG cinematic trailers a little while out from release. They really are marvels of action CGI and I always look forward to watching them, even though I only dabble in Blizzard’s games at this point. World of Warcraft: Legion is no exception. This trailer comes from Blizzcon conference and […]

World Of Warcraft: Legion Might Be Coming Next September

World of Warcraft: Legion, the upcoming expansion, was only recently announced at Gamescom, but it seems we might be less than a year out from the expansion. According to the small print of this now inaccessible picture on, which was caught by Reddit (via VG247), the game is coming September 21st, 2016 (Or before). It […]