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Dieselfunk Dispatch: Making Malice with Comic Creator Micheline Hess

Greetings, Dieselfunkateers! Today we interview comics industry veteran Micheline Hess. Hess is known for many works over the years but most prominently for Malice in Ovenland. DD: How are you today, Micheline? MH:  Very well, thanks! DD: I hear you there. So how is the industry going for you right now as a creator? MH:  […]

Dieselfunk Dispatch: Cons of Color, Gender, and Inclusion

Greetings, Dieselfunkateers! Conventions of color, gender, and inclusion are everywhere! Over last weekend with the "Postponement till Further Notice" from Universal FanCon, the critical noise got quite heavy. But rising from that trauma was a defiance against the perception that people of color, women, and LGBTQ groups can't make things happen. For every one event […]

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When No One Tells You You're The Moderator At A Comic Con Panel

Reporting live from the heart of London Super Comic Con's Artists Alley (I'm at table A45 by the way, if you'd like to stop by and say hi and check out my book, The Pride). Today I had an interesting moment on at the show, as I had my one and only panel here. The […]

Women Of Color In Media: Visibility Achieved; Next Step, Representation

Christine Marquet writes for Bleeding Cool…   The Women of Color in Comics: Race, Gender, and the Comic Book Medium panel at San Diego Comic Con was organized by the Women in Comics Collective (WinC, pronounced "wink). Their membership is made up of artists, writers, educators, filmmakers, show producers, art gallery directors, cosplayers, game developers, […]

Bright Spots Of Insight At The Strong Female Character Panel At NYCC

Madeline Ricchiuto writes for Bleeding Cool… Moving Beyond The Strong Female Character was one of NYCC's "Women in Comics" panels that gathered together a group including Amy Chu, Jody Hauser, and Jill Pantozzi to geek out about ladies in comics and pop culture. Of all the usual complaints and stories of being shut out in […]

Gendercrunching June 2015 – Plus Ethnicity At DC, Marvel, And Image

By Tim Hanley DC's overall percentage of female creators declined by more than half coming out of Convergence while Marvel ticked up and took the top spot with all of their Secret Wars tie-ins. We also take a look at ethnicity at DC, Marvel, and Image and see some small but moderately encouraging changes. DC […]

When There Are Too Many Conventions, Start A Conference

By David Doub I've been involved with cons for about 20 years now, be either as an attendee, a guest, vendor or staff. In recent years the desire to use all that past experience has grown and grown to do my own convention. But Texas currently has over a 100 fan/nerd conventions scheduled for 2015. […]

Gendercrunching May 2015 – Including Boom, Dynamite, Valiant, And Archie(UPDATE)

By Tim Hanley The concluding month of "Convergence" meant more big numbers for DC, and they bested Marvel yet again for the highest overall percentage of female creators. We also continue our bi-annual tour through the rest of the comic book industry with stops at Boom!, Dynamite, Valiant, and Archie. DC COMICS Bolstered by a […]

Gendercrunching Special Edition – #DCYou

By Tim Hanley With all of DC's new titles and revamped returning books now released, it's time for a special edition of "Gendercrunching" to examine how #DCYou fared with female creators. The result, relative to the past few years of the New 52: not too bad. And when you're talking about women in comics statistics, […]

Kelly Phillips On Kickstarting Dirty Diamonds, An All-Girl Comic Anthology

By Nikolai Fomich  [Cover by Carolyn Nowak] For the past five years, cartoonists Kelly Phillips and Claire Folkman have been working with dozens of amazing cartoonists from around the world to produce the all-girl comic anthology Dirty Diamonds, a comic which gives "the women of comics a dedicated outlet for telling their stories." For their […]

A League Of Extraordinary Ladies Joins Forces For A Night In California

By Michele Brittany, a West Coast Bleeding Cool Correspondent Most people know of "OC" as the center of decadence and housewives, but there are other, less obvious features of note. In Orange, California, there's Old Towne or more often referred to as "The Circle" because of the large roundabout that seems to confuse most American […]

Gendercrunching December 2014 – The Year In Review For The Big Two

By Tim Hanley. The year closed with some low numbers at the Big Two, ending what has been an unimpressive quarter for female creator representation at both publishers. DC ticked up slightly to take the top spot, but only came out on top because Marvel had quite a slide. We also look at the year […]

Gendercrunching November 2014 – Including Boom, Dynamite, Avatar, And Archie

By Tim Hanley DC Comics' overall percentage of female creators rose but remained in single digits as Marvel posted the higher total again despite no change overall. We also check in on four different publishers, with varying results. DC COMICS DC is improving but is still frustratingly far from good overall despite some strong creative […]