'Quidditch' Audiobook Taps Walking Dead's Andrew Lincoln to Narrate

Just imagine how different the ending to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows would've been if Rick Grimes strolled up behind Voldemort while he was dueling with Harry and put two in his bald noggin from his .357 Magnum "wand"? Or even better, can you imagine how much easier it would've been clearing out the […]

Long-Rumored Harry Potter Game From Niantic Actually Happening

It looks like Niantic, the company behind Pokemon Go, is indeed working on a Harry Potter-themed follow-up game. It was announced today officially via a website drop┬áby Warner Brothers (who holds the rights to Harry Potter and the J.K. Rowling created world of witches, wizards, and muggles), and a statement from Niantic in blog form. […]

Ralph Bakshi's Rough And Tumble Last Days Of Coney Island Revealed In New Trailer

Ralph Bakshi always thought animation could be a broader form. Breaking away from the Disney mold with films like Wizards and Coonskin, he certainly got people talking about what animation could do. He also delivered the first X-Rated animated film in the form of Fritz the Cat. Bakshi also made an animated Lord of the […]

Who Is The Question? And Who Are The Wizards Of The New 52?

So we've all read the DC New 52 issue now right? Right? After all, Free Comic Book Day was yesterday, so you know. It's time to start asking exactly who the new wizards of the DC Universe , the creators of Shazam, and the damners of the Trinity Of Evil, are? Um… well. See, this […]

Vaughn Bode, Ralph Bakshi And Wizards

The Wizards animated movie from the seventies by Ralph Bakshi has ofted been cited as being heavily influenced by artist and graffiti icon Vaughan Bode. To a rather significant degree. And every time Wizards is mentioned, it's not long until a Bode-ite pops up to point out the similarities. Such as Cheech Wizard, Cobalt 9o […]