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Latest Marvel "No Compromise, No Mercy" Teaser Features Winter Soldier

Latest Marvel “No Compromise, No Mercy” Teaser Features Winter Soldier

For the past two days, Marvel Comics has been teasing a big announcement next week, sending out images of various characters accompanied only by the text: “No Compromise. No Mercy.” And no, that’s not Ike Perlmutter’s policy on paper clips. Instead, it’s a new series spinning out of War of the Realms, and starring Blade, […]

‘Avengers: Endgame’ [Probably] Allows the Disney+ Marvel Shows to Happen

If you haven’t seen Avengers: Endgame yet, you may not want to read this piece. Chances are you already know about one of the big ol’ plot points from the 22nd Marvel Studios film, but, just in case- SPOILER. WARNING. Time travel is a HUGE part of the Endgame, and possibly/probably sets in motion the things that […]

Has Bucky Barnes Turned to the Dark Side? Next Week's Winter Soldier #5

Has Bucky Barnes Turned to the Dark Side? Next Week’s Winter Soldier #5

In the previous issue of Winter Soldier, Bucky Barnes confronted the deadbeat father of RJ after learning that RJ may have been working with Hydra to bring his son back under their control. RJ, a petty criminal, tried to throw a punch, and he ended up slipping and breaking his neck. Obviously, this isn’t going […]

Comics’ First Functional Father/Son Relationship in Winter Soldier #4

It seems like no father/son relationship can exist in comics that isn’t a freaking mess. Superman’s dad kidnapped his grandson and brought him to outer space where he grew up to be a teenager. Batman’s alternate-universe father is employing drastic measures to keep Bruce Wayne from being Batman. The Hulk’s dad is messed up too. […]

Psychoanalyzing a Killer in Next Week’s Winter Soldier #3

Looking for something to do after finishing up the Ted Bundy Tapes on Netflix? Next week’s Winter Soldier #3 has all your murderous psychological needs covered as Doc Samson pays a visit to give counseling to RJ, the Hydra killing machine rescued by Bucky and trying to figure out his identity. Can Samson help RJ figure […]

Winter Soldier #1 Review: Bucky’s Got a Brand New (Boring) Bag

SUMMARY: Writer: Kyle Higgins, Artist: Rod Reis, Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowles,Associate Editor: Alanna Smith, Editor Tom Brevoort, Varant Covers: Bill Sienkiewicz; Butch Guice & Frank D’Armata, Publisher: Marvel Comics, Release Date: Out Now, Price: $3.99. This new Winter Soldier mini (by my count the sixth WS series in the last 7 years) seems focused on […]

When Bucky Barnes Punches a Chicago Cop in Next Week’s Winter Soldier #1

The Winter Soldier’s new series, which kicks off next week, opens up with a bang as the titular soldier assaults a Chicago police officer. You’re probably wondering how we got to this point. Well, there’s actually a pretty good reason, as this preview of next week’s Winter Soldier #1 reveals. It turns out those cops […]

BC Figure History Thursday: Winter Soldier!

Welcome to Figure History Thursday! Every Thursday, we will be going over the history of a character’s toy history, with a focus on action figures. Some characters have many toys made in their image, some only a few. Us collectors like to have them all, but sometimes it can be hard to know what is […]

A Falcon, Winter Soldier Limited Series in Development

The Marvel machine continues to chug on. As Disney gets ready to release its new streaming service, Marvel has announced two series thus far and according to Variety, another is on the way. The outlet has revealed that a series is in development about Marvel Cinematic Universe heroes Winter Soldier and Falcon.  Malcolm Spellman who previously worked […]

Bucky Barnes Infinity War Hot Toys 2

Bucky Barnes Avengers: Infinity War Hot Toys Release Coming in 2019

Bucky Barnes, formally the Winter Soldier, then the White Wolf, and now a pile of ash in the wind, is the latest figure form Avengers: Infinity War to be released by Hot Toys. Featuring a tailored outfit, two left arms (metal or turning to ash), interchangeable hands, a machine gun, a dagger, and a figure […]

A New Winter Soldier Comic Launches in December by Kyle Higgins and Rod Reis

Bucky Barnes is returning in his own 5-issue mini-series this holiday season from the superstar creative team of Kyle Higgins and Rod Reis. Marvel revealed the news in a press release, which starts off pretty presumptuously: You know his name. You know the things he’s done. What if this is our first time reading a […]

Mondo Iron Man by Cesar Moreno

Marvel Studios, Mondo Celebrate The MCU’s 10th Anniversary With Art Gallery

Marvel Studios is celebrating their 10th anniversary this year (in case you didn’t know) and is partnering with Mondo for an art gallery celebrating the first 20 films in the MCU catalog. Running from October 12th-20th at various times, the gallery will feature work by some of Mondo’s most prolific artists, and show off some […]

Sebastian Stan’s [Complicated] Relationship with Winter Soldier’s Arm

Sebastian Stan has lived with the character of Bucky Barnes since Captain America: The First Avenger film in 2011, eventually becoming The Winter Soldier. With that evolution came one of the signature pieces of MCU tech/weapons/costumes, Winter Soldier’s arm. Is an MCU hero/villain ‘only as good as his (or her) weapon’, or is the object merely an […]

Funko Marvel Infinty War Bucky

Infinity War Wave 2 Funko Pops Include Groot, Bucky, Eitri, and More!

Infinity War is now available to watch on digital platforms in the comfort of your own home, and now Funko has announced their second wave of Pops in support of the film. Way smaller than that initial wave, this one will contain five new Pops, and no exclusives! Well, almost. There is one. All five […]

The Punisher #228 cover by Clayton Crain

The Punisher #228 Review: Undercutting the Satisfaction

Iron Man has arrived at the prison, and he is not happy about Frank Castle using Rhodey’s War Machine armor. Before a fight can ensue, the Punisher traps Iron Man in the prison and chases the prison transport carrying the Hydra Supreme Commander, the evil Steve Rogers. Baron Zemo and Ghost are protecting the transport, […]

Focus on David Mack at SDCC: Inkpot, Jessica Jones, Autism, and Me

The panel kicked off with a well-deserved awarding of Comic-Con International’s Inkpot Award to David Mack for his contributions to comics, television, film, and humanity. Next the panel moderator Wendy Browne from Women Write About Comics. kicked off the panel by showing a music video that Mack did for Amanda Palmer‘s song ‘Pulp Fiction’ that was […]

Captain America #1 cover by Alex Ross

Captain America #1 Review: Promising New Chapter for the Legend

A prisoner is broken out of a Hydra transport in Russia, and the ensuing fight leaves none of the Hydra agents alive. Back in the States, an armed terrorist group modeled after Nuke attacks in Washington D.C. Captain America and the Winter Soldier answer this threat, saving as many lives as they can. However, even […]