Mark Millar Pitched Death Of Xavier And Wolverine/Cyclops Split In 2004?

Mark Millar talked to Jim Viscardi about his life in comics for two hours for Jim's Let's Talk Comics podcast. We heard a lot of the usual stories about Mark Millar's childhood, his early struggles in the medium and eventual monumental success through comics and movies. But there were a few new nuggets in the mix. Including […]

A WildStorm Is Rising

Particulars: The WildStorm Oral History Project. Creators involved- As many that want to be! Close/Publishing date- Open ended. At least a six month interview window based on participants' availability then editing into oral history format By Joseph Hedges If I asked you to name the comics universe that creators the likes of Brian Azzarello, Lee Bermejo, Ed Brubaker, […]

Roleplaying Adventures Through DC Comics Universes

By Christopher Helton With the recent Mutants & Masterminds Bundle of Holding causing a surge of interest in the system, I thought that I would take time to talk about a couple of Green Ronin Publishing's other uses of the Mutants & Masterminds system. Today I am going to talk about the DC Adventures RPG, […]

Will You Give Joe Phillips A Helping Hand? Or, Indeed, A Foot?

We wrote about Wildstorm creator and Gaijin Studios founder Joe Phillips' medical situation last year. Now we're asking for your help. Cully Hamner writes, My old friend and studiomate, comic book artist JOE PHILLIPS, suffered complications from diabetes back in November, and ended up having his foot amputated below the knee.  As you can imagine, this […]

Shannon Eric Denton Worked On The Upcoming GI Joe Episode Of NBC's Community

He's drawn Supreme and Deadpool comcs, he's edited at Wildstorm, and he's also worked on cartoons from Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius to X-Men, Spider-Man and Silver Surfer. And now he has a new thing. A very special episode of Community… The G.I. Joe episode of @nbccommunity I had worked on for @StarburnsInd has finally been […]

When An Oscar Winner Used To Write Comics

John Ridley is a rather hot writer right now. His Oscar last night for Best Adapted Screenplay for 12 Years A Slave is only the tip of the iceberg. He just wrote and directed All Is By My Side, the Jimi Hendrix biopic. He rewrote the new Ben-Hur movie, and ABC have green-lit the pilot […]

A Fundraiser In Memory Of Edwin Rosell

Just before Christmas, we were saddened to hear of the death of Wildstorm inker Edwin Rosell at the age of 41. Ex-Wildstorm staffer John Nee, now of Cryptozoic Games, is looking for artists to contribute to a fundraiser book to help his family, and is working with a number of ex-Wildstorm and ex-Homage Studios folk. […]

The Weekend's Gossip About DC Decision Day

This is Philip Bond's Christmas card, sent from the Bond family,  including Executive Editor of Vertigo Comics, Shelly Bond. And this is Philip's only comment on whether he expects to be moving from New Jersey to California in 2015… you could take it either way. This weekend, many comic book professionals were gossiping about what […]

Edwin Rosell, Inker And Designer, Dies At 41

Edwin Rosell was best known in the comics industry as an inker, working for Wildstorm on comics such as Gen 13 and Alan Moore's run on Voodoo (above). But he has a longer and more diverse career as a visual developer, working as a visual designer. Animator and designer Jeff Merghart posted earlier this month, […]

Anatomy Lesson – Mr Majestic #1

Brandon Thomas writes for Bleeding Cool: "Cosmology" by Joe Casey, Brian Holguin, and Ed McGuiness The first issue of Mr. Majestic is one of my favorite superhero stories of all time for a pretty simple reason…it's an actual no bullshit for real superhero comic… What I mean when I say that of course is that […]

New Exec Editor Of Vertigo To Report To Youngblood #1 Dialoguer

Karen Berger, as Executive Editor of Vertigo Comics and Senior VP of DC Comics used to report in directly to Publisher and President Paul Levitz. After the reorganisation that saw Levitz step down, she instead reported to the DC Editor In Chief, Bob Harras, an effective demotion, and one of a thousand cuts that Vertigo […]

Lot 13 Deserves A Lot Of Attention

Louis Falcetti writes for Bleeding Cool The movie studios were baffled when Year One  bombed at the box office. "Michael Cera! You love him! Jack Black! You love him! Look! It's them together," they probably screamed at paltry theater receipts. To be fair, Year One wasn't a very good movie. (Probably. I mean, I didn't […]

The J Scott Campbell Austin Powers Comic That Never Was

Just sold on eBay for a ridiculously low price of $10.50. One of a very few remaining posters that prove that, at one point, Wildstorm Comics pitched to make an Austin Powers comic book. This poster, with art by J Scott Campbell, was created for the pitch. Naturally, it never went through, but we are […]

Ben Abernathy Leaves DC Comics

With a history at Dark Horse Comics and Marvel, Ben Abernathy was Senior Editor at Wildstorm when DC Comics underwent their relatively recent reorganisation, closed down Wildstorm and moved Ben to DC Digital. Recently as Digital Editor, he's been focused on DC's original digital books, such as the current Legends Of The Dark Knight, the […]

DC Comics Liquidating Stacks Of Trade Paperbacks And Graphic Novels

DC Comics are looking to reduced their stock of the following books by offering them to retailers at a massive discount. What that means is that in a few weeks, these books will be plentiful at comic books stores. And then… not so much. They will go out of print, or move to a different […]