The Wildstorm 25th Anniversary Project With Full Visual UPDATE – Fiona Staples, Lee Bermejo, Jim Lee, Bryan Hitch, J Scott Campbell, Warren Ellis And More –

Coming from DC Comics.Wildstorm later this year and announced at Wondercon, the Wildstorm 25th Anniversary comic book. A 200 page hardcover collection, including classic works, and early works of Fiona Staples, Sean Phillips and Lee Bermejo. But there are new stories too. A Brandon Choi and Jim Lee WildC.A.T.S. story. A Jeff Scott Campbell Gen 13 […]

WildCATS Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Gets An Absolute Jim Lee Edition And Much More

2017 isn’t just Image Comics’ 25th Anniversary. It’s also the anniversary of WildCATS, Jim Lee’s first Wildstorm imprint comic book. Or so it would later be called. And it’s time for a volume that blows up the page size…   Absolute WildC.A.T.S. 19 December $125.00 Industry titan Jim Lee presents ABSOLUTE WILDC.A.T.S., a collection of […]

Image Watch: Getting Into Sex With Joe Casey (Part 1)

By David Dissanayake  Joe Casey is a creator whose work I have admired for a long time. His comics are constantly inventive and always push the boundaries of the medium. His Image book Sex is a perfect example.  Drawn by Piotr Kowalski, colored by Brad Simpson, lettered by Rus Wooton, and designed by Sonia Harris, Sex is […]

When Will We Get Jim Lee’s WildCATS Again?

It’s a long time since we ran rumours that Jim Lee was to personally revive his Image/Wildstorm series WildCATS at DC Comics in the New 52. We knew that it was in the offing before the announcement of his Superman Unchained run. But it never went away, it was meant to happen after his Superman […]

Ahead Of Image Comics Expo – The Image Revolution

Today, the Image Expo is being held on the West Coast. Which means under the cover of darkness comic creators more commonly associated with DC and Marvel and being hurried on and off planes, ready to announce their new creator-owned comic book, from Image Comics. Hint, look who has stopped tweeting for the last few […]

Jim Lee Man Of Steel To WildCATS – Tuesday Trending Topics

Jim Lee is certainly keeping busy these days — the eagerly-anticipated Man of Steel series with writer Scott Snyder hasn’t even started yet, and he’s already got his next major project queued up, rumor has it:  Earlier in the year, there were two rumours gaining ground over what Jim Lee was up to after Justice League. One was […]

Jim Lee’s WildCATS To Follow Man Of Steel

Earlier in the year, there were two rumours gaining ground over what Jim Lee was up to after Justice League. One was that he was launching a new Superman book with Scott Snyder called Man Of Steel. Bleeding Cool pitched its tent to that particular field, but we did also note a competitive interest, that […]

Jim Lee To Relaunch WildCATS? And Other Fourth Wave Rumours

Word is that the reason that the Third Wave was a little smaller than some expected, as well giving some of the cancelled books a vestigal Zero issue, was that plans had to be altered closer to the events. Originally the plan was for more books to be cancelled than were, but due to personal […]

Separated At Birth: Pandora And Zealot

From Justice League #6, on sale today. Pandora, drawn by Carlos D’Anda but created by Jim Lee. And Zealot from WildCATS, by Jim Lee, also created by Jim Lee. Okay, it’s not going to be her, odds are considering her relationship with The Phantom Stranger in this issue, that she’ll be the original Pandora, the […]

Marc Silvestri And Erik Larsen Help WildCATS Go Out With A Bang

December sees the last Wildstorm books published – for now at least. And it looks as if some old friends are popping by to give the line a fond farewell. Here’s a piece by Top Cow’s Marc Silvestri, who used to be part of the same studio, Homage, where WildCATS began. And Erik Larsen, who […]