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“The Wheel of Time”: Amazon Prime Adds 4 More to Fantasy Series Adapt

Fans of late author Robert Jordan‘s “Wheel of Time” series of novels have been introduced to a number of new faces set to star in Amazon Prime‘s fantasy series adaptation, opposite Rosamund Pike‘s (Gone Girl, upcoming The Banker’s Wife) Moiraine. Joining the actress are previously-announced cast members Madeleine Madden, Marcus Rutherford, Barney Harris, Zoë Robins, […]

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“The Wheel of Time”: Daniel Henney Joins Amazon Prime Series as al’Lan Mandragoran

In honor of #WoTWednesday, fans of Robert Jordan‘s (James Oliver Rigney Jr.) “Wheel of Time” series of novels are learning the name of a new member cast member joining Amazon Prime‘s fantasy series adaptation. Daniel Henney is set to play al’Lan Mandragoran (“Lan”), opposite Rosamund Pike‘s (Gone Girl, upcoming The Banker’s Wife) Moiraine. Joining Pike […]


Is Apple TV+ a “Stream” Worth Traveling Down? [OPINION]

Last night, Bloomberg reported that Apple would launch the Apple TV+ streaming service in November with a $9.99 monthly subscription fee. There will be five shows available at launch: The Morning News, See, Amazing Stories, Truth be Told and documentary series Home. According to Bloomberg, there will probably be a free trial before credit cards […]

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“The Wheel of Time”: Amazon Prime Casts 5 to Join Rosamund Pike’s Moiraine

Nearly two months after fans of Robert Jordan‘s (James Oliver Rigney Jr.) “Wheel of Time” series of novels learned Rosamund Pike (Gone Girl, upcoming The Banker’s Wife) would be joining Amazon Prime’s fantasy series adaptation as Moiraine, the actress is officially getting some castmates. Madeleine Madden (Dora and the Lost City of Gold), Marcus Rutherford […]

Vault Comics to publish Brandon Sanderson's The Dark One in 2020

Brandon Sanderson’s The Dark One From Vault Comics Slips in 2020

Brandon Sanderson is an American fantasy and science fiction writer, best known for the Cosmere universe, in which most of his fantasy novels including the Mistborn series and The Stormlight Archive are set. In 2016, the Chinese-founded company DMG Entertainment, which also bought Valiant Entertainment, licensed the movie rights to Sanderson’s entire Cosmere universe. Sanderson […]

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[Rumor] ‘Game of Thrones’ Bryan Cogman Heading Amazon’s ‘Lord of the Rings’

While we’re waiting for official confirmation, it sounds like former Game of Thrones writer and third-head of the creative dragon for the HBO series Bryan Cogman will be leading Amazon’s upcoming Lord of the Rings series. Cogman was loremaster for 8 seasons on Game of Thrones, and was the favorite to head the first Westeros spinoff series on […]

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‘Wheel of Time’ Tops Amazon’s Viewers Most-Excited Book-Based Series Poll

Amazon Studios has some pretty impressive book-based tv series heading to screens across the world, and they decided to ask Twitter which out of 4 titles they were most excited for. The options, asked back on March 7th, were Good Omens, The Expanse, Lord of the Rings, and Wheel of Time. We were pretty surprised by which thing […]

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‘Westworld’ Director Will Helm First Two ‘Wheel of Time’ Episodes at Amazon

FINALLY, some movement on Amazon Studios’ Wheel of Time series. Okay yes, we could make all the jokes about just how long of a slog the original Robert Jordan (later finished by Brandon Sanderson) series actually is being indicative of the series taking it’s sweet Two Rivers time, but, we’re happy to report news about the show. According […]

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Brandon Sanderson Stopped by ‘Wheel of Time’ Writer’s Offices

We’re pretty tickled that Brandon Sanderson just stopped by the Amazon Studios Wheel Of Time series writer’s room. Sanderson took over writing the “Wheel of Time” book series when creator Robert Jordan passed away, completing the 14-book saga (that was meant to end with 12). Doing pitch meeting for #DarkOne and though time is tight, I managed to swing […]

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‘Wheel of Time’ Showrunner Asks What Fans What They Want in Series

If you recall the long strange turning wheel of The Wheel Of Time tv series saga got a new entry earlier this month when Amazon revealed that they had given a series order for the high fantasy show.  This of course had fans of the Robert Jordan series (which was later completed by Brandon Sanderson following the passing of […]

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Amazon Gives Series Order to ‘Wheel of Time’ TV Show

It would appear that at long last, the “Wheel of Time” tv series based on the fantasy saga by Robert Jordan (and later completed by Brandon Sanderson) has officially been given the order at Amazon. Head of Amazon Studios, Jennifer Salke, said in a statement: “The Wheel of Time is endlessly fascinating and resonates hugely with fans as one […]

Rafe Judkins Has Two Scripts for ‘Wheel of Time’ TV Series Done

That Wheel of Time tv series is happening thanks to Amazon Studios, and apparently Rafe Judkins has (at least) two scripts completed for it. Back in February it was revealed that Amazon Studios had acquired tv rights to adapt “Wheel of Time”, “The Dark Tower”, “Ringworld” and more in a large grab-bag deal. That was sort […]

Amazon Studios Nabs TV Rights for Dark Tower, Wheel of Time, Ringworld, and More

Amazon Studios made a huge leap forward in their quest to create high fantasy shows/films for their streaming service, and it looks like Lord of the Rings may have been the tip of that Mt. Doom-sized iceberg. In an additional content announcement regarding the Amazon acquisition of global TV rights for an Iain M. Banks Consider Phlebas […]

Amazon Bringing Iain M. Banks’ Sci-Fi Novel Consider Phlebas to Series

Amazon Studios continues its push into epic, big scope series programming, securing global rights to bring Iain M. Banks‘ sci-fi adventure novel Consider Phlebas to series television. The first in the classic “Culture” book series is set to be adapted by Dennis Kelly (Utopia), with Brad Pitt‘s Plan B Entertainment (World War Z, Moonlight) producing […]

Free On Bleeding Cool – Robert Jordan’s The Wheel Of Time #1.5

We’ve got a free comic book to share with our readers today. This one comes from Dynamite Entertainment and is to help promote their Sword and Sorcery sale going on over at comiXology. The sale is a bundle that includes Pathfinder, Wheel of Time and Path of Exile comics. The bundle is 28 books for $9.99 […]

Robert Jordan’s Wheel Of Time Headed To Television

The television rights to Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series have been sorted out and according to his widow, Harriet McDougal, the novels will adapted for television. The previous rights holders, Red Eagle Entertainment, attempted to hang on to the property by airing a hastily thrown together pilot called Winter Dragon that aired in the […]

Free On Bleeding Cool – Robert Jordan’s Wheel Of Time #1

With the interesting events six weeks ago involving Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time and the hastily made pilot with Billy Zane… story here… it seems like a good time to put the Dynamite series on sale and that’s just what Comixology is doing this weekend. Which means the publisher has sent us the first issue […]