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MTV Releases Trailer For New Scream Series

During the MTV Movie Awards, the network released a sneak peek at the upcoming Scream series inspired by Wes Craven’s horror film franchise. One of the gimmicks of the franchise was the knowledge of how horror movies go and how it would exist in the real world… those rules are very different for a television […]

Wes Craven And Steve Niles Team For Television Series

Legendary directing Wes Craven is teaming up with 30 Days of Night co-creator Steve Niles to adapt The Disciples for television. The sci-fi horror in space from Niles and artist Christopher Mitten isn’t schedule to hit comic shelves until May from Black Mask. but Universal Cable Productions is already in the process of picking up the rights […]

Wes Craven To Direct Scream TV Series Pilot, Character And Plot Details Emerge

MTV is casting up on their TV series based on classic horror franchise Scream. Bloody Disgusting got some intel on the plot and perhaps the biggest news of all: Wes Craven will be involved with the series and will, in fact, be directing the pilot episode. The “rules” of slasher flicks, according to BD, will […]

MTV Planning A Scream TV Series

I loved Scream, I liked Scream 2, I watched Scream 3 and I was kind of swoony for Scream 4 too. I was hoping for a Scream 5, when the time is right, and I thought it would be great if Wes Craven would direct and, despite the various problems he’s faced, time and again, […]

Scream 5 Is A Sure Thing For Harvey Weinstein

I’d like a Scream 5, in theory, but the ending of part 4 seemed to wrap things up in such a way that any new episode could seem rather redundant. Or maybe there’s some clever new twist I’ve just not thought of, a loophole through which the arc can be curved on further. I hope […]

Scream 4, Review 1, Footnotes 13

This is the first of our Scream 4 reviews, written by Ben Shillito. It’s got some spoilers, including some details of the big opening and of a crucial late scene. We’re guessing that you’ve had your chance to see the film now, or if you haven’t, that you might want to come back to this […]

“I Saved You ‘Til Last” – Wes Craven’s My Soul To Take

To warm up UK audiences for the impending Scream 4, Wes Craven’s most recently released, My Soul to Take, is about to hit DVD and Blu-ray. There’s no new trailer, as I can see, but here’s a clip called “I saved you ’til last”. It’s exclusive to us, apparently. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Oab0w_Eivw[/youtube] I’ve seen the film, and […]

New Scream 4 Pictures Spill Blood And Spoilers

Here are a series of newly released Scream 4 images. Consider these an object in modern movie marketing, and how it isn’t afraid to reveal key plot points. Which is to say, look closely at these pictures and some of the film’s surprises will be spoiled. And finally, I’m very curious about this last one. […]

Writers Being Sought For Scream 5

Josh Hylton writes for Bleeding Cool: The more I hear about Scream 4, the more worried I become. I’m a big fan of the original trilogy, but it’s hard to find anyone who thinks the third film really stands up to the two that came before it. In part, that’s due to the substantially worse […]

The First Victim Of Scream 4 Revealed

The casting of Drew Barrymore in the role of Casey Becker for the opening scene of Scream had an interesting effect. Seeing a star cameo player go under the knife was such an appealing notion for the fans, that screenwriter Kevin Williamson’s subsequent out-of-the-gate kills have become one of the more popular, keenly anticipated, and […]

Jamie Kennedy Seems Unsure If He’s In Scream 4 Or Not

Kate Atherton writes for Bleeding Cool: With a projected release date of 11 April 2011, one would imagine that Scream 4′s production is done and dusted. However, since the summer, when filming began, there have been rumours about well-known faces turning up in murder cameos, especially in those moments before the opening credits. Anna Paquin and […]

First Trailer For Scream 4 Overflows With Teases

It starts with a phone ringing, goes on through “Welcome home, Sydney” and shares a lot of the “new rules” for how a horror film works – it’s a Scream movie alright. Much of the best stuff is in the second half, though, where quick-cut clips show us all kinds of things out of context, […]

Hey, Look – Here’s That Scream 4 Video I Promised You

In the video below you’ll see the ghostface killer in full Screamadelic flow while whiffle-waffling soundbites fill the air. Just look at the shots of shots being shot: the sets seem mightily familiar, don’t you think? So much so that I’m starting to get suspicious… Flashbacks? Now, Scream 4 isn’t going to go all Back […]

Some Scream 4 Plot Details, At Last – UPDATED With More

I’ll make this quick because in a few hours, Entertainment Tonight will air their behind the scenes piece on Scream 4 and give me lots more to write about. Already, however, they’ve previewed that piece on their site and on their show. First of all, here’s a clip from last night that plugs tonight’s segment: […]

Wes Craven Tweets An Image Of Scream 4’s Killer… Perhaps

Wes Craven has posted an image from the set of Scream 4 to Flickr and his Twitter account. Here’s a few things we don’t know by might assume about this picture: That it shows us the killer. That Courtney Cox the actor or actress playing the killer is under that mask. That it’s the lighting […]