Wendy's Launched Their Own RPG Campaign At NYCC

Wendy’s Launched Their Own RPG Campaign At NYCC

The folks at Wendy’s have launched their own tabletop RPG this week at NYCC called Feast Of Legends, in partnership with Critical Role and Fandom. The PDF version of the adventure was loaded online, totally free for anyone to download, along with a physical version at the convention that included dice. The game itself has […]

News From the Future: World Descends Into Chaos After Gail Simone Sparks Junk Food Wars

Bleeding Cool readers, We interrupt our regular programming of shameless rumourmongering and the music of Ricardo Jonstello and his orchestra to bring you this special report. Friday morning, as Bleeding Cool staff filed into cubicles in the BC Bullpen and prepared to compose our first clickbait articles of the day, we received this transmission over […]

Fast Food Shocker: Wendy’s Prefers Marvel Over DC

The worlds of comic books and fast food restaurants were rocked Wednesday when the official Twitter account of Wendy’s chose a side in the longstanding war between comic book publishers Marvel and DC. Wendy’s was asked by famous comic book writer and tea expert Gail Simone which comic book universe they preferred, and the chain […]

The Game Grumps & Wendy’s Finally Consummate Their Twitter Love

If you’ve been following the Game Grumps official Twitter feed for the past year, you’ve probably seen their on-again-off-again relationship with fast food restaurants. They’ve basically tried to have relationships with places like Applebees, Olive Garden and Chili’s. Many have tried to flirt with the Grumps, both fast food joints and major dining chains, but […]