Fortress Festoon: Exploring Geeky Jewelry and Watches from ThinkGeek

In our latest edition of Fortress Festoon, we'll go off the beaten path for a second when it comes to home design and focus more on something personal that while still stored at home on display, you can also take around town with you. We're talking watches and jewelry. While the use of a watch […]

Time To Go Back To The Future! We Review Tokyoflash's Satellite-X Watch

The second of the Tokyoflash watches we received for review in July is called the Satellite-X from Kisai. Before we delve into this one, I just want to point out that I enjoy seeing films and televisions shows where they create some kind of future technology you can't explain but it works out to be […]

Redband Improv And Outtake Reel For The Watch

Akiva Schaffer, director of The Watch is a member of the Lonely Island comedy troupe and its through their YouTube account that we receive this new reel of slightly sweary improv and outtakes. The video has been titled "Kiv directed a movie!" – yeah, and not for the first time. I guess they're trying to […]

The Walking Dead #100 Watch For San Diego Comic Con

I have my Vannen Walking Dead Watch. But dammit if my other wrist isn't suddenly aching for the Vannen Walking Dead #100 Watch, with art from Charlie Adlard. Just think, you can walk around with a spoiler for anyone who has seen the show but not the comic, on your very wrist, spmething you can […]

All New Trailer For The Watch Is Their Best Promo Yet

I'm looking forward to The Watch a great deal. Two main reasons: it looks really very funny, and I want to see how they resolve the... er... political issues apparent in these trailers. Shoot the aliens! Kill them!

When Robert Kirkman Signs The Walking Dead Watches

We were the first to tell you about this second Walking Dead Vannen Watch, debuting at San Diego Comic Con alongside Walking Dead #100 and the Michonne poncho figure. But when does Robert Kirkman find the time to sign the watch cases? Actually… right now. He's doing it right now. Here's the proof. I wonder […]

WATCH: Chapter One Of Wrong Cops With Marilyn Manson

From the director of Rubber and Wrong, though not a sequel to Wrong but definitely featuring copness, here is Wrong Cops: Chapter One, a short film that will, soon enough, be the first portion of a feature film. The short was premiered at Cannes just today, and then Quentin Dupieux shared a number of tweets […]

VIDEO: Behind The Scenes Of Terry Pratchett's "CSI: Discworld" TV Show

Development work is underway on The Watch, a crime-of-the-week TV series set on Terry Pratchett's Discworld. I gave you lots and lots of details already, but the short version is this: a fantasy version of CSI with Monty Python's Terry Jones on the writing team. Below, you can watch a fly on the wall look […]

How To Watch The Daily Show And The Colbert Report If You Live In The UK

UK digital TV channel, More4, has dropped The Daily Show from it's daily schedule, opting instead to just show the week-late Daily Show Global Edition once a week. FX UK has already dropped The Colbert Report. But Viacom still restricts the videos to people with British online accounts, due to some IT person still believing […]